Power Prayer for the Bees by Cathy Bilsky

Power Prayer for the Bees by Cathy Bilsky
In the name of the presence of God, which I am, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me: I COMMAND!
I call to Michael the archangel and ask that ties are cut between the bees and all microwave technology. That people become aware that microwave energy is causing the bee colonies to collapse. As they become aware they choose to use their cell phones less, shutting them off completely when not in us or going back to land lines with the understanding that we need bees to pollinate  over 40% of our crops.. We surround all the hives in a protective energy shield that keeps out all microwave energy.
 We send energy to all the bees and ask that their DMT is enhanced as they are reconnected to the Creator. We see the bees becoming more focused and at one with each other as the queen bee is inspired to what she needs to do to hold the colony together as one functioning unit. We send a mild grounding energy to the bees so they become more centered allowing each worker to do their jobs in harmony with each other.  We violet flame all the propolis to clean it up and as we reconnect this to the creator it acts as a protection and antibiotic for the bees so they become healthier every time they come in contact with it in the hive.
We ask Michael the Archangel to cut all ties to all mites the bees have that is making them ill. We violet flame these mites to clean up their energies, reconnecting them to the Creator. Now we command them to be neutral and die off, which allows the bees to become stronger and healthier.
We ask that the bees are now inspired to go where there are no GMO crops instead being guided to healthy plants and flowers. We see people now growing more organic herbal gardens for the bees that will enhance their immune systems. We see people being inspired to leave out fresh water for the bees and planting red and purple flowers that bees really enjoy the vibrations of.
We call to the Higher Selves of all bee keepers asking that they now practice holistic bee keeping leaving the bees with enough of their own supply of honey so they can also feed themselves with the fruits of their own labor. Not using pesticides on the bees to kill off the mites or any other health issues they have. Instead growing healthier crops and giving the bees time and trusting that they will develop a natural immunity resistance over the multiple generations with their new organic farming methods that we are now asking the divine to inspire them with.
We are now sending energy to the queen bee that will inspire her to hold the hive together in harmony. We are now sending energy to the bee’s life force so they become healthy and multiply.
Let’s give thanks and send out much love to the bees for all they have given us.  Our plant life and crops as well as all the by products we use including bees wax for candles.
Never the less not our will but thy will be done.



  1. I love this post.

    Yes, sending love to the bees.

    There is such a break down in our environment,

    chemicals, gmos, cows not eating healthy grass to have a healthy digestive sys


    I pray for our mother earth, gaia to be able to balance back

    sending sooo much love and light to our planet

    I am suffering from late stage lyme, I love this pg., I love Roseanne

    thank u so much for planting seeds of change