Occupy the Banks Let’s Roll!

BATTLE 4 PLANET EARTH!!! “”The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is The People versus The Banks.” Lord Acton. Historian. Politician. Writer. 1834-1902. It’s COSMIC HUMAN! BATTLE ON! #OpBlackheath #15TrillionFraud I x Pope Down; 1 x CARDINAL DOWN – It’s COSMIC VICTORIES ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lets unite to put an end to the federal reserve im trying to make it known to as many people as i can that theres a petition to put an end to the the privately own bank known as the federal reserve, please ask as many people as you feel comfortably asking to sign the petition on the white house website, the link is please take the 2 minutes needed to sign it and please spread the word we need this for our future, thank you

  2. Yep!

  3. The White Rabbit! says:

    Hi Roseanne,

    Just to say thanks a million for the show of support by publishing this page;

    10,000 Twitter users down, really, really appreciated; my partner (in life) was so distraught when I told her, she literally cried. I think she might just do that again when I tell her about this page.

    Really, so much appreciated. 15 months of life went into that Twitter account, and she knows that, much more so, even than the followers (who only saw the battle live, rather than the constant battle back-end i.e. just to get connected, etc). We’re now over on:

    If they give us the Twitter account back, we’ll wire it in, so that tweets out via also go out via Twitter.

    We’ve also got a couple of groups (lists?) up and running over on too:

    Occupy The Banks Group:

    Plus we thought a special one for Popey and assorted other mind-controller child rapists


    After all, we know they like to be treated all special, these guys in frocks, spewing hate all day against e.g. homosexuals, whilst of course, banging the choir-boys as a Sunday treat, after service . LOL

    Hope to see you over on; if you grab an account, within a few days (took me about 2), you’ll realise, it’s rather more featured, than Twitter … and of course, DE-CENTRALISED (mesh-network) and OUTSIDE of the corporate (Saudi/US MIC) investment grid; HOORAY!

    We may install our own instance, as I fear the censorship will just follow us around. :(

    Hope to see you over there, and increasingly a supporter of open-source software. :)

    Thanks once again! Hero!


    The White Rabbit!
    UP: @censorednewsnow ( {});
    DOWNED: @censorednewsnow (Twitter)

  4. Arlene Drake says:

    Rosie, you are spot on….You are the voice of Wisdon and Truth!
    Thank you

  5. Arlene Drake says:

    Rosie, you are spot on….You are the voice of Wisdon and Truth!
    Thank you