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  1. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    One of the top nominees for the new All Party System Co president replacing Roseanne as per her resignation on March 2nd, 2013 is Norm Mickey:


    A must see video/radio interview by ICAACT leaders Lars Drudgaard and Jesse Beltran, HD-version. Do not hesitate to share, like and distribute this video to everyone.

    Implants do not only have tracking capabilities, but they also have the ability to affect, monitor and change the carrier’s brain functions and biological functions, to a degree that it can only be compared to torture. The torture can lead to death or suicide.

  3. Hi, I hadn’t watched your “nuts” show until last night. Just finished watching the episode called, ‘Cursed’. I’d like to share something that may be helpful, and this is from my own personal struggle and observations within my own life which may be of value to you as well. When a person looks at their life struggles or experiences as a ‘curse’ that they need to hate then that only feeds into more anger, pain and negative stuff giving it more momentum and endlessly cycling it – not really changing it. If we look at experiences as a messenger and then use it in a positive manner it can be incredibly constructive. I read a book in January 2012, called “The Presence Process” by Michael Brown, in which he describes an incredible process of integrating ones emotional processes and life experiences through accepting the message it has to offer – then feeling the emotion without initially reacting to it – then letting that integrate in ones life. My last year in this has been an incredible journey of discovery. I say this because the process he describes in this book may be of benefit to you as well to help integrate the emotions and reactions that drive you. ….just sharing.

  4. I am excited to subscribe to regularly dispatched insights from the one and only DOMESTIC POTESS Granny Roseanney!!!! Yaaaay!!! XOXOXO

  5. I love watching all of the Roseanne shows but I noticed in several of the shows you always wore a tshirt that had rooster on it and I saw some of the other cast mates wear them at times. Was there anything to that shirt?

  6. Gloria Nicolello says:

    I just subscribed to the newsletter and tried to follow Roseanne on Twitter, but it said I was blocked. I am confused as to why I would be blocked. I am trying to stay calm. Help?

  7. Roseanne For President…. he’ll yea from TENNESSEE… Love ya Rosie…..give em he’ll for me to…

  8. Subscribed :) Even tempted to start my own. I’d never heard of that website before!

  9. I don’t see how to subscribe. There’s no link at that tells me I can add my email to subscribe to updates.

    Kind of a confusing page!

    Though I might be a dipshit and missing the obvious

    • Hi, Andrew. If you click through your link above you should see a large red button on the right side of the main navigation bar (just below the words “Goddess Gazette” and above the “From The Editor” section) that says “SUBSCRIBE”. When you click on it, you will be presented with a box in which you can input your email address.

      I hope this helps! :)

  10. Dear Roseanne, my name is Mikey and I have recently moved to Seattle. I have applied for many jobs, which includes Starbucks. I am all for your campaign in this fight against evil and to bring peace and love values back into societies, throughout the world.
    After applying to several jobs, today I retrieved an email from Starbucks excluding me from being hired without any explanation and what really pisses me off is that I was not even offered an interview. I applied for the position over two months ago and I am more than qualified. I am pursuing a lawsuit and may have to fight religious channels to get where I need to with my mission. I learned that they just fired some poor starving girl with kids, but that’s Corporate America for you. If this lawsuit is successful, I will donate proceeds to your campaign, offer lobbying, and fund those that are needy in society, especially children. I need your help and guidance. I am sick and tired of people that follow the ways of “Assholism”, (I got that from Divine –John Waters… I thought you might like that :D).
    I am also tired of dealing with other people’s homophobia against me and thinking that they are Christians when they act out to the contrary of those beliefs. The whole point of Jesus Christ is to bring peace to the lands, not destructions. Is there room in FEMA for these fucking idiots, or what, haha…???
    Homophobia is a learned behavior, and the only thing infecting these idiots with it is their own ignorance, because that’s what mommy and daddy and the rest of these idiots taught them. It wouldn’t exist if it had not been taught to begin with.
    Well, I hope to hear from you, and I will do what I have to do to get these assholes in check. I am on your mailing list under the email in the blog registration, and You should already know of me, very well from a certain supportive angle, on my behalf. I thank you, so much.
    By the way, I just finished Roseannarchy and I cannot wait to read it all over again, especially the part about where what motivated you to keep on singing, forgive your enemies and just being nice to people. I am taking your great advice to heart. Thank you very much, Miss Domestic Goddess.

    Til, then, Battle on Xena Sheeelalalalla
    Peace Bong
    Your friend and colleague,

    Btw, How is Vanessa doing??? :D

    • Hello Roseann, this is Mikey. I want to clear up a point that no matter what happens, I am plugging into your campaign. I still think you’d be the best leader since Queen Elizabeth I. I “I am not man’s Elizabeth”.

      Love ya

      -Mikey :D

  11. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    Announcing THE corporate entity which will replace war as a more profitable corporate activity & Roseanne is president.

  12. John Petersen says:

    Hello, I heard you were a Cannabis supporter. I’ve contacted Tommy Chong via facebook, my sources are limited as I am a non-celebrity; I proposed a “Cannabis Users Healthcare Fund”, this is what I posted:

    “@Tommy Chong or whoever else who has clout or connections and money that support Cannabis. We need to setup a “Cannibis Users Healthcare Fund”. Initially the funds will be spent on cannibus users for general health checkups, then move up to even more important health issues and keep on moving up until we have our own healthcare system. That’s the right thing to do and that’s the ticket. We have the people and I believe we can raise the money. St. Jude Research does.”

    If you feel this is something you are interested in, you know better than I who to contact to get it started. Thank you for your time. John.