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  2. Golden goose, goddess, my queen big ticket item,my claim to fame-meal ticket at the very least: want you to know, that before,when you were a mere mortal,people were not required to walk on eggshells around you,remember? I need advice. There’s this woman–the. most. miserable. person .Ive.ever seen.She’s on twitter.She lives at diferent addresses from her boyfriend who ingnores her when she flies by herself to the midwest to profess her undying love on national tv;he doesn’t acknowledge cuz he’s talking to 3 chicks at once on twitter. Then her friend dies (SueM) he ignores cuz he’s talkin to 3 chicks and then ‘oh yeah sorry to hear’ Then he gets on the radio and says to these chicks ‘We don’t fuck anymore’ He also plays really terrible head games with her too-that she can’t see…so….Hey Ro, should I go for this girl or not? Really want to know what you think? Cuz gee I don’t want to be the bad guy??

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  4. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    The internal election system of the Green Party is a positive feedback loop itself. As we can see in the last POTUS election, the voting system created a polarization between the two largest camps.

    My girlfriend Tiffany Bricoe [Green Tea-Rainbow] came in #36th of more than 500 potential presidential candidates (I was her VP as a Free Parliamentary Party candidate) nation-wide despite the Green Party’s tyranny against fair internal elections.

    Under ranked choice voting in one large national multi-winner district we were able to attract and identify team players like Roseanne Barr and the party killers did not engage with us.

    Do you want to see a voting system that works well? Look at the 9th USA Parliament! We’ve been using pure proportional representation (PR) for 18 consecutive years and it works great!

    Let’s start today and build a unity coalition based on paper ballots cast as proof which are counted correctly. We’ve got the juice; the fuel that can propel us into victory in 2013.