“My Thoughts on the Michelle Obama Argo Presentation”

WATCH the Argo presentation again…and notice the people arrayed behind her…and what they have on their jackets.

YouTube Preview Image

Michelle Obama was there to give Argo, an Affleck pPopaganda film,  an award. That film was designed to make people think the CIA is a great organization, and that they protect us. Never mind the 700B of heroin out of Afghanistan overseen by them, their torture, selecting targets to be droned, overthrowing countries, and the rest of the horror show. This movie was intended to reinforce brainwashing in the gullible.

Think about Russia, China, other countries toward whom we are aggressors, or would be aggressors…that was a MESSAGE. Think Darth Vader and his minions. The message to other countries, which Americans are too brainwashed to see,  is that we are a National Security State.

Imagine people in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, African countries we are attacking…seeing thisCIA propaganda movie get an award from the wife of the President who represents this aggression..and behind her are military men with ribbons on. THINK of the trepidation shown when Darth Vader and his people were present…these people are having the same feeling.

Ever wonder why Russia Today tells you the truth, and CNN, Fox and MSNBC do not? They are trying to wake up the American people before the Pentagon’s Full Spectrum Dominance and The Homeland overtakes the world…RT is self defense. Russia does not have Northcom (for us), Centcom, and Africom..which is currently active in 35 African countries.


  1. Exactly right on the mark. Unfortunately too many gullible sheep cannot begin to think that there are agenda’s that might not be in the “good” interest of citizens. Something that really annoys me is the minute a person makes a comment or observation such as you have, they are automatically labelled as a “conspiracy nut”. The new catch word to try and belittle those of us with a mind and morals is apparently the word “conspiracy”. I’m with you on this Roseanne.

  2. robert sumner says:

    I had no idea that our entire military was re-organized in October 2002 under NORTHCOM and under a precedent “homeland” premise. I skimmed through this site to find out more about NORTHCOM: http://plip.com/url/f/892cf.php

    [cf. http://plip.com/url/f/66d85.php%5D

  3. Caren Stein says:

    Thank you RB!

  4. This is my first time checking out your blog after watching you on Portlandia. I have to say, it is very refreshing to see that your eyes are opened to certain things.

  5. frank redfield says:

    That’s so true Roseanne….thanks for that!

  6. Notice how Mrs Obama shakes her head “No” throughout the whole speech. Basic Psy 101. She is lying imho.