Roseanne at The Laugh Factory – Review by The Spit Take’s Josh Bell

“People ask me, ‘What has a has-been of your magnitude been up to lately?’” Roseanne Barr joked about halfway through her set at the Tropicana’s Laugh Factory on January 17, the fourth night of her new Las Vegas residency. That kind of jovial self-deprecation, a pretty far cry from her legendary she-devil reputation, infused the entire performance, which was so refreshingly casual and low-key that it began with Barr strolling onstage as she checked her smartphone, asking the audience to wait a moment. (That did lead to a joke about how she had a new app allowing her to ignore all of humanity, but it may also have involved her catching up on last-minute email.)

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  1. Brandon Gillespie says:

    I love Roseanne, her show taught me how to be strong, fearless, and not to care about speaking my mind. She is truly gifted and is an awsome entertainer. Please make another sit com that will rock the world once agin.

  2. hello. can not say I love Roseanne, like farting an hour teary eyed devotion- but I did enjoy her entertainment. I really care less about social changes being molded by performers. I like comics that make me laugh. Roseanne has done that, and the review was more she is getting herself back into trustworthy industry status than ‘presenting new, hilarious material’. since she did do that, perhaps she can do that again, and the routine is only the beginning of constructing a new dialogue; or is she just building bankability for another project? i want to laugh. mom argues that Phyllis did it best best, and those are huge heels to fill- and i am hoping Roseanne will break me out of my funk just once more.

  3. I wasn’t crazy about tat review.
    If you love Roseanne, she could stand up there and fart for an hour and you’d leave still loving Roseanne!

    I hope I get to meet her someday.