Roseanne Barr @LaughFactory Las Vegas Tropicana


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  1. vanessa severs says:

    Hi Roseanne, I’m just a superfan that u have inspired through out my life and remind me very much of my Mother whom passed away 3 years ago-I love watching and listening to everything thing you do- you inspire me beyond belief- I dont know if you actually have the time to read stuff like thisfrom fans, but I hope something about me catches your attention and you might find a minute to write me back with a bit of advice- Like you I was a teen age Mother- I raised 4 kids they 25, 23, 22 and 18 nnow- Ive been disabled due to crushed bones in my spine although I did squeese in an 18 month college cousre that I can do nothing with the degree with now because the the “tech coures” they gave were not real collge credits tpe deal, I was 18 when I did I didnt understand it wasnt like real college, u know– now that my youngst is flying the nest, Im stuck on what ro do with my life- I have recenly lost about 80 pounds on my own, but still have around 100 more to loose to get back to able to really go after something good and that I want to do in life. How did u loose your wight? Ill end for now and see if I hear back from you— I hope I do, ur such a cool chick And I really hope I HEAR BACK FROM YOU- AND U WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ME SO YOU CAN HELP ME MAKE SOME MAJOR DECISIONSi AM FACING IN LIFE RIGHT NOW- Thank u ! Take care- Vanessa Severs

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  3. Lisa Lobao says:

    To the funniest smartest woman around!!!!!
    I just wanted to write u and tell how happy you make me!!! really when I’m sad or alone or depressed you make me feel so much better!!! Nothing disappointed me more when Roseanne’ s nuts did not come back for a 2nd season….. I can and do watch it over and over and over!!! the best show!!!! everything you do is f- ing great!!!! I love you and Johnny…. I watch everything you do…. my oldest daughter loved that show as well!!
    in June I will be a grandma!!! I have been waiting for this forever!!! I just wanted to say I adore you!!! I watch everything I can on you….of course the Roseanne show!!!! I could go on and on….love your family they are all so funny!!! You did a great job!!! one of your biggest fans ever!!!! hope your doing good!!! one day I WILL see you in person!!!!! just wanted to tell you how lovely I think you are!!! THANKS FOR ALWAYS BRINGING LAUGHTER TO MY LIFE!!!! You rock mama!!!!!!

  4. Gosh, I just love Roseanne

  5. Rosanne –

    My parents are taking me to Vegas just to see your show to celebrate my 17th birthday. I will be there at your March 3rd final show at the tropicana – Cant wait!

  6. I was lucky enough to have attended this particular evening with Roseanne, thanks to my hubby’s selfless act as we were standing in line to buy tickets for a show. It has been a lifelong dream of mine, one that I never expected to come to fruition needless to say, to see Ms. Barr in person. I read Rosannearchy just before we got to Vegas and I felt that she as a person, reminded me of my own twisted, maladjusted self. She was hilarious, sardonically irreverent and I loved her to pieces! I think my husband didn’t quite connect with her on that level, but then he doesn’t come from a screwed up, single-parented background like myself.

    I still recall as a child watching her stand-up routines and thinking, ‘this woman is the funniest woman ever’, and as an only child growing up with a mother who bashed men all of the time, Roseanne was indeed the greatest! As a young woman, I never missed an episode of Roseanne because I felt like part of the family!

    All Hail Roseanne Barr, for the courage to bare her emotions and her brevity of wit!!

  7. Wanda Cosgrove says:

    Great show Roseanne – sat in the front row – hope to see you in a new sitcom soon.

  8. Cathy Henderson says:

    Is there any chance you Johnny and the kids will make another reality show? My girlfriends and I watch Roseanne’s Nuts on a LFW and have Roseanne parties?

  9. Oh, and if you are there on Saturday night and you see a FatChick cryin,seated at the Golden Circle area, don’t worry!! It will be Tears of Joy!!!

  10. Was all Excited to see Roseanne on Thursday the 7th. And the show was Cancelled. Didn’t get any Email or call letting me know. Very bummed. But was able to.stay in Vegas 2 extra days so I can see my favorite Conedian on Saturday night. I’m determined not to.drive back to Sacramento without seeing her. If you have read my other messages she has helped me through some very tough times in my life, watching her show. She reminds and looks a lot like my Mother and I just can’t wait to see her in Person. I feel this will give me Peace and Happiness that need to fullfill to see my Idol! Love Her!