One Billion Rising




  1. Günes Konukman says:

    Hello Roseanne. I write from Turkey Istanbul. Sorry for my bad English. I have all the DVDs of Roseanne. And I love you and your show. The family conner is so cute and real. I think you are a beautiful woman. Good day! With Love, Günes(woman from Turkey).

  2. kim schulenburg says:

    roseanne I really think your the greatest.always keep up the good work.

  3. Lets talk about unemployment or the lack or employment for people “put out to pasture” after they reach the age of 50. This happened to me; after 33 years in the steel industry.
    The companies hide this and justify themselves by manufacturing andy excuse possible to create a workforce of technp-computer geeks from the x-generation and put out my generation.
    Otherwise the companies sub out their engineering work to any middle eastern conuntry for literally $1.50 per hour. India is especially used extensively.

    Thank you for taking my e-mail. This is not sour grapes but a real problem in this country.

    Lastly, I really think you are one of the prettiest women in the media adn I love you to death, or whatever comes first….Tom