Occupy Steubenville Streaming Live via UStream on RoseanneWorld Saturday Noon Eastern Time



  1. Joseph Godfrey j0eg0d says:

    Where is the media’s THANK YOU to Anonymous! These extreme efforts through anonymity is the example of a truly united people. We live in a country where fear divides us, silences us & encourages apathy. It’s why anonymity is our greatest tool. With all eyes on Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio … it’s because of the answer of an effort to do what’s right, an effort to desperately cling to pure freedom. This is evidence to politicians that regulations are destructive to our unity. This is the future of revolution; It is this boldness to declare WE can police ourselves, We can show this world to not be afraid of authority nor the elite, WE can bring justice back to the helpless, WE can return a voice to the unheard, We can deliver hope to the silent … All of us are Anonymous. All of us are Legion. Expect all of us.