Channel 9 News Report Steubenville Ohio



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  1. There is a White House petition regarding the Steubenville, Ohio rape and corrupt coverup. Thank you for retweeting about it today (@cardiganwatch). Here is the link if you would share on here as well: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/make-all-involved-rape-steubenville-scandal-be-pushed-out-juvenile-court-so-there-can-be-real/MJ4rrCXM

  2. Hopefully this will be a wake up call to parents everywhere to be a little harder on their children and teach them that it is not okay to cause these situations, to allow them or to put yourself in the situation. I was barely allowed to leave the house as a teenager and what do you know? Nothing like that ever happened to me!

  3. Who raised these kids? Even the victim’s parents are at fault for what happened. This is a result of a community without any good parenting!!!

  4. It is about time someone busted the local cops & prosecutor of Steubenville for covering up criminal activity. I pray for Alexandra Goddard that she gets the support needed to overcome this horrific act. Thank you Roseanne Barr and Anonymous.