Anon Granny Tweets Again



  1. LadyJane Green says:

    Loving The Fawks-y Mask. Anonymous first came to my attention when I migrated onto Twitter. During the whole Occupy movement, Anonymous was there, hacking and Dox ing the Violent Cops who were pepper spraying and beating the Occupy Movement. They also hacked into the banks and credit card companies the cyber skills are legendary. What radical movement couldn’t use some Granny Yin energy?
    A’s involvement in the Steubenville Rape case has brought to light how ugly the Patriarchal Rape Culture and its power structure have become. At the same time around the world, in India’s Rape Capital, we can see what happens when violence against women goes unpunished. No woman “wants”to be raped. Just sporting a Vagina doesn’t mean a gal is ready for all ” comers”. No matter how wasted a drunk girl is, it’s never really right for a group of dudes to “run a train” on her. The Community that is protecting these jocks from being responsible for their violent actions needs to stop. No team anywhere should be allowed to get away with this. Punishing only 2 of the kids is wrong. All involved must be punished. Cancel the next football season, and perhaps the community at large might actually get that something wrong happened. Concealing a gang rape is not right. Morality 101.

    We are all Anonymous, Expect Us.