32 Senators who Voted No for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief



  1. Allen Klinefelter says:

    I jsut love how the Senators from Utah and Wyoming vote no on Sandy efforts, but Senator Hatch puts in 50 million for a drug maker in Utah, all supported FEMA aid for the fires this last summer. Putting in pork in all bills but only complain if it is not in their back yard. Many things on the surface do nt look like they relate, but we don’t know all the angles. Senators could have not put the pork in or made put in an amendment to remove all non related parts of the bill.

    They all put pork in hidden in bills that do not even realte, so lets vote the whole bunch of them out of office.

  2. Good job on the ‘NO’ vote senators. $21 billion in pork is wrong, they needed $21 billion for the relief. 67% of this bill had nohing at all to do with hurrican sandy relief. This was pork barrel spending at it’s best. This bill should have gone down. To the so called republicans and consertives in teh area – “shame on you for letting this theft take place”. don’t get me wrong I am all for the relief effort to get FEMA money to the victims of sandy but not like this. Why is it we have to take a very bad desaster like sandy and kritrina and put a bill in place that steels millions of dollars from the tax payers. It happens every time. People this country is broke, what don’t you get about that.

    Now to the people in the affected area of Sandy. DONT BUILD IN TEH PATH OF THE STORM. In the future if anyone rebuilds in the direct path of the storm proned area it should be so under contract that the person is doing so a t their own expense. Meaning; if they rebuild in an area like the coast line or in a flood zone the government will not be out any money if bad happend to the property.

  3. A $60 billion ‘relief’ bill that is stuffed with $21 billion in pork federal spending that has nothing to do with hurricane relief. I would have voted NO on the bill as well. The real blame should go to the Senate for passing such a crappy bill. But the media will not tell you that.

  4. They’re all idiots. We need to CLEAN house of the congress and senate. Their greed is sublime. They don’t pay into social security, get their paychecks for life and make decisions for working people. There is going to be a rebellion like no other in a very short time. How about, anyone who has been in office for more than 8 years can no longer get re-elected? And, no more free paychecks, they all pay into social security with their paychecks. Warren Buffet said it best. He said he could get rid of the deficit in 5 minutes. If the deficit remained more than 3%, no senators or congressman could be re-elected! Hear Hear! This coming from a self-made BILLIONAIRE who still lives in the little modest house he bought when he was first married. Wish he would run for President!

  5. I am so glad none of my senators in Massachusetts did this. I wish these senators that voted no lived in the conditions of the hurricane Sandy victims. I grew up believing that our government worked for us. Obviously more government means that we work for them. Very sad how the tides have changed. Roseanne you know the needs of the people I wish your name was on my voter card. I am so sick of the people flip flopping during a campaign for a vote. We have more homeless than ever. More jobless than ever. It’s almost like the book of Daniel going on. Nothing is being done to help that. It took 65 years to pay back from WWII & now what? Car manufacturers get bailed out & open 20 new companies in Mexico? Everything is made elsewhere due to cheap labor? Very sad that we can’t help out Hurricane Sandy Victims yet many countries pitched in to help out Hurricane Katrina victims. Egypt sent a plane full of pear juice that was dumped due to FDA regs instead of returning i. The UK sent millions of MRE’s I would hate to eat them but the FDA again had them disposed of instead of returning them, however my only son has with a lot of hot sauce being in the Army for 8 years. So much for countries helping us out, if our own govt doesn’t. America I used to be so proud of that word & now I just feel sad & angry!

  6. I fucking hate them all! The posturing and political antics in Washington is disgusting. Whatever happened to governing? It doesn’t exist anymore. The campaign is now 365 days long and it’s hard to be a part of society with the leaders we have in this country. A large portion of the people in this country are oblivious to why things are the way they are and they’re too self-involved to care beyond their complaints. Very sad!