Syrian Chemical Weapons: Another “Curveball” with Phony Intelligence


December 11-12, 2012 — 

A day after WMR reported that there was no truth to Pentagon claims that Syria was deploying chemical weapons, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, on a trip to Kuwait, told reporters that the threat of Syrian chemical weapons has “slowed.” WMR reported that chemical weapons were in Syria but they were in the hands of Syrian rebels who had ontained them from their allies in Libya.

In fact, there was never a threat from Syrian chemical weapons. Syria’s government confirmed that U.S.-backed Syrian rebels had obtained chemical weapons from external  sources and that the Bashar al-Assad government was being set up to be blamed for the rebels’ first use of such weapons in the Syrian civil war.

WMR reported that with the Western Syria in Syria came similar con artists like Ahmed Chalabi of the Iraqi National Congress (INC) in Iraq. WMR reported on the involvement of Farid “Frank” Ghadry, a Washington, DC-area businessman who once headed up a chain of coffee shops called Hannibal’s Coffee Company. Ghadry, like Chalabi, serves the needs of the CIA. Ghadry’s Syria Reform Party is a carbon copy of the INC. And like the INC, the Syria Reform Party is linked to Washington’s most influential neo-cons and their organizations.

And like Chalabi’s infamous “Curveball,” Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, the Iraqi source who was responsible for trafficking in bogus claims that Saddam Hussein possessed biological weapons, the Syrian rebels have their “Curveball” counterpart in retired Syrian Major General Adnan Sillou, who claims he was in charge of chemical weapons defense for Syria’s defense forces. Sillou claims Assad possesses mustard gas, the nerve agents VX and tabun, and sarin. Sillou claims Assad’s forces have dropped white phosphorous and pesticides against rebel-held positions.

According to ABC News, Sillou wants to command his own 2,000-strong Syrian rebel unit, which he calls the “Mountain Heroes,” to secure Syria’s chemical weapons, which he claims total 600 chemical weapons warheads. Sillou is reminiscent of the CIA’s Libyan “general,” Qaddafi regime defector Khalifa Belqasim Hifter, a resident of northern Virginia who showed up in Benghazi during the civil war wearing an American cowboy hat and claiming to be in command of Libyan rebel forces.

Sillou is obviously trying to put a Syrian imprimatur on Syria’s chemical warheads on behalf of the CIA, which is nervous about Saddam’s chemical weapons currently stored in Syrian warehouses. The Iraqi weapons were transported to Syria and securely stored there with the approval of the George W. Bush administration. Many of the Iraqi weapons and precursor chemicals originated with Western firms like the Carlyle Group and were sold to Saddam during his war with Iran.

The State Department’s branding of the Jabhat al-Nusra brigade, the most vicious element within Syrian rebel ranks, is not only an admission that they are composed of “Al Qaeda” and Salafist elements from Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Yemen, and other countries but that it is this group and an affiliated group, Ghuraba al Sham  (Strangers of Greater Syria) that have in their possession chemical weapons procured from warehouses in Libya. Before Qaddafi’s fall, the weapons were being secured by Libyan troops under an agreement with the United States and NATO. After Qaddafi declared the weapons to the United States and UN, the Americans and NATO did not have the capability of moving and storing the weapons elsewhere so Qaddafi was requested to maintain security on the stockpiles. The weapons remained secure until Qaddafi’s was overthrown by radical Islamists. Many of the chemical weapons are now in the hands of groups like Jabhat al-Nusra and other Salafists that continue to receive financial assistance from Saudi Arabia and Qatar..