Rape in Steubenville, Ohio is Tomorrow’s Topic for Radio Show


Guests are Alex Goddard aka @prinniedidit


#KnightSec @KyAnonymous

Tune in Live tomorrow at 11:00am Pacific

KCAA via UStream.



  1. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    The 9th USA Parliament is trying to maneuver to support four constitutional amendments through the American parliament’s Constitutional Law Ministry headed up by Hon Larry Carter Center [Fusion Green Democratic Labor WF UCP NAP] in a multi-party foray.

    The amendments being considered include the Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.), the Movement to Amend (end corporate person hood), Article the First (congressional apportionment district voter limit at 50,000) and the Liberty Amendment (end income taxes).

    If you’d like to coordinate with us, be sure to sign up to the Constitutional Law Ministry and/or another sector or ministry in the 9th USA Parliament:

  2. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    Many big announcements on 1/1/2013! Get tomorrows news today on; Videos of Mr. Ganja Man for President 1996, Roseanne for President 2012 and the presidential dbeate committee (PDC):

  3. Here is the list of suspects provided by Knightsec:
    Michael Nodianos
    Cody Saltsman
    Jake Howarth
    Jordan Banks
    Ryan Vodich
    John Linn
    Dashon Redman
    Anthony Craig,
    Evan Westlake
    Mark Cole
    Malik Richmond
    Trent Mays
    Reno Saccoccia