From Charlie Chaplin

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  1. Ralph Coffman says:

    Thanks Roseanne This is really cool…

    • Ralph Coffman says:

      I GOT GOOSEBUMPS. even the third time I heard this. I nominate this for a grammy. I too was an officially registered candidate for president representing the Independent Party of the United States of America. We listen to many of the same people like Max Kaiser and your running mate Cindy Sheehan I so respected her for what she has done. My mother,who just passed away, gave 2 husbands to this country. Both of my Dads died due to military service. America still means something to me . I will spend every last day of my life trying to straighten everything out. I have been fighting corruption my entire life. Wichita State University,Kansas 1970, I was arrested and tried twice for protesting against Spiro Agnew. Jury finally found us innocent. In the 90’s whenI was a State Representative I took on the Party machine,[my own party] and put the order in that removed our speaker after 19 years as well as forcing our Univ. Chancellor to resign under threat of my Audit Bill. I could go on but suffice it to say I still didn’t have the full historical facts on the International Bankster Crime Syndicate and the Elite etc. But it’s a new day today and I am extreamly encouraged by how aware we are today. and YES WE NEED TO U N I T E !!! count me ALL IN.