Come See me in Vegas!! Tropicana Opening January 14, 2013

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  1. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    Happy new year everyone from the All Party System!
    Announcing the 9th USA Parliament’s 2013 activities!
    We’re calling for nominations on 2/1/2013, need not be a resident of Nor Cal or Mid-Atlantic regions:

  2. I’m thinking about accepting an invitation to Vegas. Will you be doing any meet and greet kind of thing?

  3. Thomas Muhammad says:

    Go knock em dead with laughter Madame President 2 if anybody can you’re it. So take to em kid!

  4. I saw your show in Vegas a few years ago. I will be back.

    Your fan,

  5. LadyJane Green says:

    Sounds Like a Blast! The Hawaii-Vegas connection is a strong one.Now it will be even stronger… Many Hawaiians have relocated to Vegas for work opportunities , so you know you will be feeling their(our) Aloha all around you! Once you get the black sand in yer toes, it just never comes out, Yo. It’s also pretty much the favorite destination for the oldster locals, cuz all Gambling is completely illegal here. We hear about these retired couples who save all there$ for the yearly trip to Vegas. It has a Mecca-like vibe. Now they can go see you and Laugh out Loud!
    2013 Year of the Water Snake.
    “The Dragon in 2013 enjoys amazing success luck brought by the strength of your Powerful Wind Horse as well as very strong Vitality and Life force!”

    Vegas sounds like a Perfect Place for yer voice to be Heard.
    Laughter is the best medicine for this sick, sad world of ours. Laughter and #MMJ. I personally can’t get enough of either. Using our unique gifts to better the world we live in today, that’s what it is all about.

  6. Wesley Toney from Atlanta says:

    So happy for you! Give me a little time to save up and I’ll be making the trip!