Alex Goddard to Guest on Sunday’s Radio Show



Alex Goddard has been writing and doing investigative research on true crime cases for over 10 years.  Goddard is also a social media analyst and provides social media monitoring services to parents, as well as training parents and educators.  Her site is (Creep your kids) and her true crime blog is which is a variation of her “online name” Prinnie.  She is a former resident of Steubenville, Ohio and knows the local culture and how high school athletes are regaled as local heroes.  Having first hand knowledge of Steubenville is what sparked her curiosity to investigate the social media of the football players charged, and it was then that she realized that there were so many other students and athletes who knew about the alleged gang rape and had broadcast it in real time that night using social media.

Click here to Listen Live via UStream on Sunday December 30 at 11:00am Pacific Time.



  1. Roseanne, Pertaining to the Steubenville case. I am a local historian of the Greater Steubenville / Weirton Metropolitan Area & I can give you an accurate picture of the corruption love affair here with historical facts and references. Its like a modern Mickey Spillane novel.