Take a Picture or Video Already!! and Tweet Me!

Take a Photo or Video of yourself Voting for Me on the Ballot in California, Colorado and Florida or writing my name in for President in Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming and Tweet it to me @therealroseanne


  1. You got my vote today, Roseanne. I was planning to write “Ron Paul” on my ballot in permanent marker, but was delighted to find you and Cindy on the California ballot. So, I threw my vote where it belonged – with you. It was definitely not a wasted vote, in my view. The entire system is a charade, at this point. Too late for photos of our vote today. Sorry I looked this up too late. Might tweet you anyway.

  2. I live in NY state, and I don’t think write-in votes count for Presidential elections here (I looked up some voting info online on the NY state gov. websites), but I STILL wrote you in for President! I decided to vote with my heart and conscience, and NOT vote for the lesser of two evils!

  3. Roseanne, I proudly wrote you in today here in NYC and voted for you to be president. It was NOT a wasted vote it is my form of civil NON disobedience through obedience to civility!!!

    The third party’s time is arriving, and “the revolution will not be televised” as the late Gil Scot Heron so eloquently put it, but the START of the much needed working-class revolution has been televised by you Roseanne. The majority of this country makes, on average, less than 50K a year per family and that voice WILL be heard. Onward with Peace and Freedom and you Roseanne, keep on rocking and never back down!!! And as far as a comedian running for president? I believe Elvis Costello succinctly stated the truth when he sang, “what’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding?”

  4. What is your position on transgendered people?

  5. Rebuplicans are hypocrites……. they want to overturn a woman’s right to chose, yet they push vaccines…. do they not read ingredients in vaccines???? they contain aborted fetus cells…… so they are all for vaccination but yet they are against abortion????/ HUH??????? don’t get it…..

    The government has NO RIGHT to tell me as a woman or as a human what I can and can not do with MY BODY… abortion, smoking, smoking urbs, Dignified way to die……(assisted sucide) etcc…… they need to back off…. what happened to land of the FREE???????

    Hey Republicans google vaccine ingredients…. then tell me how you figure??????

    BACK OFF MY BODY>>>> MY CHOICE>>>>>>> End of story……

  6. Hey Roseanne….

    I don’t have a twitter or a facebook, but i just wanted to let you know, that I am in California and I just got home from casting my ballot for you to be the next president of the united states….I think you are a wonderful woman, smart, funny, and you tell it like it is, which is what we need in this country. My mother has MS and I am a responsible adult and I am ALL FOR the end of the Marijuana drug war in this country that dosen’t work….. I agree with you, if you do not want to legalize marijuana, then outlaw alcohol , because I personally DO NOT DRINK EVER…. EVER… I hate booze…. always will, but if i want to relax and get lit instead, I should be able to make that decision myself…. Not to mention that this country would be out of debt from the production of Hemp and hemp products, and the health benifits to people like my mother from cannabis, and what canbinoids can do for cancer….(thats why the drug companies want to have the monopoly on marijuana…..)
    Thats why I used to go to Holland 3-4 times a year (have been there over 30 times) because they understand tolerance, such as dignified way to die, legalization of marijuana(well blind eye approach) which for being the 2nd most densely populated country in the world, has almost NO CRIME, and most of the people that come and smoke are tourists…….. they are truely more free in the Netherlands than we are here in the USofA……..
    anyways….. you have one vote here in california, and I am proud to say that I voted for Ms. Roseanne Barr.. and will do it again in 2016……. you should talk with Jesse Ventura, Jesse for president, and you for Vice, WOW……… that would be the greatest thing for this country since we got here……..
    anyways, take care, I love you more than you know…… my best friend and I have this running joke, I am you and she is Jackie….. 10 years ago, I was Jackie and she was Rosie, but life changed and now I’m you…. and proud to be you…… love you soooooo much…….. take care… and keep fighting and speaking your mind Ms. Roseanne…… and by the way… HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY>>>>>>>>> 60 more birthdays to go, ok??????????

    Andrea L…………

  7. There are states where it is illegal to photograph your ballot.

  8. I voted for Roseanne Barr and I sent my ballot in on sat! Happy Birthday President Barr!

  9. Monica Bernal says:

    I VOTED FOR ROSEANNE!!!!!! :) This California Loves Ya

  10. I live in Florida and I voted for Roseanne and Cindy! Thank you for representing my interests.

  11. Rosie,
    We have needed someone like you for President for YEARS. You have been an inspiration on so many levels, and you’re the only one with balls big enough to be real about everything that you have gone through and are going through. You’re REAL. It’s so sad that people don’t understand what you’re really about.
    On-on to the oval office!

  12. Rosanne, be careful in asking people to send pictures of them voting for you. It might be illegal in that state, an may disqualify their vote. The last thing you need is loosing votes for something like this. Love you!

  13. Rosie, Things are bad EVERYWHERE!!! I WILL vote for you! I will be writing your name in here in the shitty lil state of Wyoming. Ive always loved you, your shows stand up…..anything youve done that Ive seen Ive loved it all! I would be very proud to have you as our president! Thats what this counrty needs is a WOMAN to fix all the screw ups of men! You can do it girl!!!! Thank you for all you have done in your life! I hope one day I can be half as awesome as you are!!!!! :)

  14. Things ARE SO BAD i HAD TO MOVE IN WITH MY MA AND SIS..Man Rosie it’s like Russia at my ma’s house right now LOL…they are trying to make to vote for romney…aka “runny diarrhea” fuctards…only reason they voted for romney is because he says he’s against abortion….Jesus Mary and Joseph …i told my ma ..the republicans ALWAYS use that sorry ploy in order to get is so wrong to lie….they don’t care about fetuses…babies or any of us duh….I am voting for you Rosie… it’s not a “lost” vote as my mother told me….you should be president.