Presidential candidate Roseanne Barr Voices Support for Pot Legalization


September 28, 2012 OAKLAND, Calif. —

Presidential politics and the war on drugs took a strange twist in Oakland Thursday night as actress-comedienne and now presidential candidate Roseanne Barr spoke at Oaksterdam University.

Barr had a message for the crowd who came to hear her speak:  legalize marijuana.

The town hall meeting on medical marijuana doubled as a campaign rally for the former TV sitcom star, who’s the presidential nominee for the Peace and Freedom party.

No matter how many of campaign stickers she sells, Barr said she knows she can’t win. But, she had no trouble firing up a friendly crowd.

“Government’s not supposed to be run like a business!” said Barr Thursday night.

She said her run for president is no joke.

“The war on drugs is a class war!” she said.

She told KTVU she’s not in the race to get her name in the papers.

“I’m not doing it for publicity, because my political views have ended my career,” she said. “It’s not for publicity, that’s for sure.”

She is no stranger to controversy or politics since her widely criticized rendition of the Star Spangled Banner in 1990.

Barr said she came to Oakland because of the federal raid of Oaksterdam University in April.

Medical marijuana advocates blasted President Obama saying he broke a commitment to respect state laws allowing dispensaries.

Barr also admitted that she smokes mairijuana.

“I have a prescription and absolutely I do smoke marijuana and I have for several years, most of my life to this point,” she said.

Barr’s running mate is anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan. They said they hope to get people registered to the Peace and Freedom party so it can remain on the ballot in California.