Oaksterdamn Speech You still have Time!!!

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  1. robert van dyken says:

    GIVING THE PLANET BACK TO GOD…. one world beyond greed, beyond borders, beyond blind nationalism,.

    the enemy of world peace is greed, greedy corporations, and exploitation of labor and natural resources. So far the United states has been controlled by lobbies and special interests. It has emerged as a new evil empire. Romney looks like Hitler to me. The bill of rights has been turned on its head, Habeas Corpus is a memory, and Guantanamo is still open.

    all religion has value. they are different faces of god. culturally relevant constructs that allow us to describe that which is beyond description, infinitely beautiful and beyond our mortal capacity to describe with mere words.

    OOPS it makes me sound like a lunatic fringe.. basically I see a corrupt and broken society leading us towards a eventual world war, based upon a greedy and consumerist mentality. they use a reductionist view of the world . its an economic paradigm that actually believes that money makes the world go round. what i see is that gravity makes the world go around. photosynthesis is the driving force that provides the energy of life, the food,..

    the only things that really matter for each individual and family is to have their basic human needs met. food clothing shelter, as well as education , love , companionship. maybe some form of transportation, as well as to have ways to contribute to the greater good , to contribute what they can of the skills they have.

    when i hear an economist say the economy is failing, I think of Chicken little.

    whether you volunteer in an organization which distributes free food or an organization which helps the poor, like salvation army or goodwill. these are mechanisms of social justice. they are imperfect, but they at least try to find ways to help address poverty in the greediest country in the world.

    I am advocating that we push forward with our world peace agenda, and begin to take steps that ensure we take care of people at every level. we must lead with courage and conviction to restore faith in our tarnished reputation as a leader of the free world. they see us as the ugliest and greediest economy, a bunch of lemmings following down the path toward world war.

    I dont need taxes I dont need a bailout of a greedy institution. I dont want wars against inanimate objects, I dont think war has solved anything. no more war. no more divide and conquer. republican or democrat doesnt matter.

    wars for petroleum? end them wars for mineral resources, end them. wars to secure our corporate agenda.. or weapons of mass destruction,, please I ve seen it all before.. its time to declare peace, to lead by helping others , and to find work arounds for our current paradigm

    if we stop believing in money, then everything changes.

    money has no intrinsic value, it is printed on paper, and there is no gold standard behind it. you cant eat it, and you cant take it with you . when money burns the rich get very uncomfortable, they see the handwriting on the wall.

    I think that a great idea would be to demonstrate to the rich and the greedy how we understand clearly that money is a tool used to enslave us is this.. do a money bonfire and put it on u tube.

    Declare peace in America, in the world. Do the right thing not the convenient thing.

    stop supporting shitty government

    declare peace on earth today. here is how .

    Dont obey stupid laws.
    Dont be afraid to make fun of stupid greedy corrupt people
    stand up to stupidity and question authority
    honor gods laws first, and then and only then consider if you want to follow ceasar’s law.
    dont let fascism emerge in america
    remember stealing from a greed based institution isnt a sin, its social justice.
    Dont let anybody suffer at the hands of the police.
    identify corrupt and greed based institutions, and tell others so that we all can work together and independently to undermine or abolish or reform them.
    lets make drastic changes to reform politics as we know it.
    Demand the BIll of Rights be restored.
    make politicians disclose their finances. .
    make every effort to expose injustice and greed
    if money is the root of all evil, then it stands to reason that if you take a plant out by the root it withers and dies.
    meter maids are parasites on the but of a dog.

    finally if money is the final link in our slavery to the rich. then it must be our goal to eliminate it. to stop believing in it, and to refuse to honor it.
    government , corruption, and excessive laws are the tools that the rich use to continue their control and power over others. the answer is for all of us to align our employment with our values systems, our volunteer our time at an organization that is in line with food clothing shelter education

    Dont believe in government, believe in your fellow man. most of all dont believe in money, the shit grows on trees, (it is paper a renewable resource) the government is printing more all the time. remember the meaning of life is to love one another, take care of one another, to find balance and to have fun. start your bucket list early and always do the right thing. the best things in life are free, and when we eliminate money, we get world peace and an end to greed. robert vandyken

  2. I agree she should have gotten more attention. One of the superpac’s could have supported her. They enough money don’t they?