Ballot Numbers In – Broke 50K!

My Ballot Numbers are in, Broke 50K!! More to come with Write-In Vote

Just in……

52,426 votes not including write-ins. These should be the final numbers from the three states you were on the ballot in. Congrats on officially cracking 50k!

FLORIDA: 8,146 votes

COLORADO: 4,653 votes

CALIFORNIA: 39,627 votes


  1. Finally, a worthy candidate! Honest, to the point with down home common sense! Watch out…2016 here we come! Congrats Rosey on a most successful run for President!

  2. Rosie, I’m starting to feel like a stalker in my desire for an actual contact, as another herein requested. I am so amazed to see your evolution. Today, we need to be stopping the NWO Plutocrats. From Bush’s destruction of our ecomy to Monsanto’s growing control of our food, we are in trouble. Your voice is such a wonderful addition to the battle. I don’t even know if my tweets transmit. Say Hi so I’ll know … and be honored. Roz

  3. It was so great seeing your name on the ballot (California) and such a pleasure and an honor to be able to vote for the candidate of my choice. Thank you Roseanne

  4. I am glad u got lots of votes in all 3 states listed. Good job!

  5. Rosanne,
    I am not a registered voter but if i was i would of voted for you. I’m kinda a new age hippie that is clean cut & responsible. My family & friends say they did not see your name on our ballot we are New Mexico,– investigate because this is not fair for you. And i wish you would of won.
    I am interested in talking to you about a social movement. I think we can be unstoppable if we collaborated, planned, & finally took action together i believe we can start a great change in our country for the better. It is time for a change so why not be the ones to start it! I apologizes but I left a message on Jake’s company line (found out about it through your reality show I am a fan, but that isn’t why I’m trying to contact you because i am not into mainstream media.
    I’m hoping you get the message, I do have a resume, proof, & a degree in psychology ;).

  6. As much as I love you, am a woman about your age, and respect you so much, I will not lie. I voted obama. You know why, of course. You don’t want to be anywhere near that DC filth, do ya? We activists (many of us, anyway) were trying to buy some time away from a GOP(and friends) DAY ONE. To try to unite us regular folk and make a stand together. For change. Would you be interested on reading a series of articles I’ve published about a way we can have an overnight “Bloodless Revolution”? The main ideas are around citizen-owned everything (each new american citizen will have an equal share of the nation’s wealth. All own all homes, land, and business. It is moneyless, except for very small in person transactions, and there are no banks or stocks or anything. Nobody works for money, everything is free. This is a very basic description, but I know you’d like the full picture. So, here’s my URL: There are 2 series there, Octopus Nation, and Bloodless Revolution. I’m still adding articles to each, and would love your comments and ideas. Thanks, Rosanne, and I’m sorry those roasters had to be such uncreative dickwads. You deserved so much better. Assholes!

  7. I’m so bummed we lost …yes you heard correctly…LOL…WE the American people lost….nope t’was not only Roseanne Barr who lost an election but we the people lost our only hope. Poll worker would not let me take pic of me voting for you Rosie….Poll worker told me he “accidentally let a reporter take pics last time….guess all everybody missed was the fact that the voting machine was not working and cutie pie poll worker offered to slide my vote “under” the box so they could count my vote later “WTF”? Then pole worker worked my nerves some more saying he had to call the “tech” to fix voting machine….the he admitted there was only ONE tech for a whole bunch of districts……and said tech was really busy….dear god i stood there for 45 mins until that piece of shit voting machine finally excepted my vote…..almost did not get to vote because the expressway was closed because of an accident the night before? sat in traffic and went 5 miles in two and a half hours :) WTF REALLY?

  8. I just want to say thank you for running. I’m so glad there was Someone worth voting for cuz the other guys all Sucked…. I sincerely believe Rosey and Cindy were worthy candidates. Rock on Rosezilla…