Media Mayhem Interview with Allison Hope Weiner

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  1. This interview only proves Roseanne is one of the most articulate, incisive, and caring writers and thinkers in the world. A national treasure.

    BARR 2016.

  2. RE: Abortion and Religion

    I am so tired of the ‘abortion’ issue’ being used as a platform to entice the far religous right votes. There are so many issues that are important, and the idea that Roe vs Wade should be overturned or that abortion rights are even in question is a low blow to women. I agree that the solution is for women to get a united view on the subject despite religious interests.
    Religion is a personal right to believe in what ever creation myth one chooses, but one’s personal religious belief should not be enforced on others. Women need to mutually respect the right to handle their own bodies. There is nothing beautiful about abortion, yet, there is nothing glorious about children being born who are unwanted or in a situation where they will be neglected. On a purely financial perspective, the people who oppose funding abortion are not looking at the big picture. How much does it cost to give support to a woman or man who can’t work because their wages are not enough to pay for child care? How much does it cost for a child to be raised by the state if the child doesn’t get adopted? How much does it cost for a child to be placed in the foster care system either temporarily or permanently ? More importantly, what is the emotional cost to the child who is raised by an agency, instead of a family?Abortion is what it is: arresting the growth of the fetus. Now, if a woman who is in her last trimester and will not be harmed by delivering the baby who is healthy, then her reasoning for an abortion at this stage demands examination . I personally have difficulty with that scenario. Yet, until the child is actually born, it is attached to the mother and does the state have the right to dictate? This is where the abortion issue may be open to debate amongst women.

    RE: religion….religion may guide ones personal views on life and ones moral code, but it needs to stay in the arena of the individual and not be used as a political platform. Yes, the word ‘god’ is used in the early documents of our nation declaring the rights of our independence and a Christian god is the reference. On the other hand, freedom of religion trumps the idea of “god’ being represenative of one religion. God is simply an intangible entity,(seriously, who can identify god?) so the term is symbolic. Asserting that an act either defies god or aligns with god gives power to one’s ideas as being the right way to think. It is simply a positioning tactic.

    I’m okay with people wanting to attribut creation to one entity or many entities, but I do not think a law should be based on what someone says that the creator has intended one way or another, unless they can introduce the creator to the rest of us and let her explain it. Furthermore, the holy concept of god is brought to its knees when it is placed on currency, used as an excuse for violence, or used as a scape-goat for all that is wrong by saying that god intended it…so much for god representing spirituality.
    The government needs to be kept separate from religion. If religious people feel that their belief system is superior then they can demonstrate this through their exemplary actions with others, but not through political persuation. An individual can embrace humanitarianism, support equality in education, and fight for the health of citizens in our country with or without being part of a religious group or the belief in a god.
    Abortion and religion should not be spoken in the same breath. Abortion is a matter of civil rights, not religioius persuation. If a woman feels that aboriton is wrong, then that woman has the right to give birth, but should not stop another woman from having an abortion. Woman should not oppose each other on their right to choose, but should stand united. It is just as riduculous to tell a woman she may not have an aboriton than it is to tell a woman she must get pregnant. Lastly, conservative religious women should understand that the idea of overturning the right to choose is simply a political ploy to get their vote and a way to take away their freedom as woman.

  3. dashus christ says:

    This Is The Most Tremendously Insightful Interview!!!- You Covered It All Matriot & Win Either Way!!!