Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson On Privatizing Police

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When Roseanne Barr asked Gary Johnson a Question he replied…


  1. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    We at the 9th USA Parliament have made many innovative democratic advances including the “parliamentary go-ahead”, the “eballot” and “ranked choice consensus voting”.

    It’s the ranked choice consensus voting that enable us to nominate multiple ideas, the more the better. By ranking the choices the voters can help identify solutions supported by the biggest majority. When 100% of the voters support one of the alternatives, that’s called consensus. If more than one item receives the same number of rankings, we simply use the sum of the rankings to break the tie.

    Plurality leads to yes/no or back/white type of decisions and there is no guarantee that the majority will win. For example, one rightist alternative can win with 10% support if all the other 10 leftist choices are split with 9% each.

    Ranked choice voting (RCV) requires us voters to find names and decisions with a much higher guaranteed satisfaction level with a minimum of 50%, plus one vote, in all elections.

    With more multiples of alternatives than yes or no, there’s a better chance for agreement and consensus among many diverse people from across the political spectrum.

    While Gary Johnson is a good man and is a member of parliament (MP) and on our team, he has been promoting a divisive decision-making system and has not been outspoken for fair treatment for all, especially females presidential candidates, within the Libertarian Party.

  2. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    I won the national Libertarian Party’s only primary which fell before their national convention which was in Missouri, with a 52.7% margin, when I accessed the ballot there as a unity coalition with all parties and independents.

    Here’s an article about that:

    I tried to work with Roseanne, but she ignored the campaign until it was too late.

    Now, we’re starting all over. Is this going to be promotion of the opponents of unity like Gary Johnson, AKA “Mr. Veto”? A veto is a yes/no decision, and it’s that psychology which creates divisions by being a “my way or no way” voting system. The 9th USA Parliament isn’t about that at all, we’re about advanced voting systems which give the voters multiple alternatives, the more the better.

    Roseanne’s site has fallen into the trap of plurality elections. She’s promoting a candidate who does not even support advanced election system by posting this article about Gary Johnson. Johnson is not good for the cause of fair elections.

    The 9th USA Parliament has elected Roseanne as our prime minister (one of three) and president. Now it’s time to pick up the pieces and start fresh in 2013. Won’t you join us?

    Read the December Bulletin and learn more here:

    Press Release: US Parliament
    Saturday, 1, December 2012 Day to Day Update 12/1/2012

    Office of the 1st Secretary: James Ogle (Free Parliamentary)
    (Carmel Valley, California)
    (415) 686-1996


    1. National Executive
    2. National Cabinet
    3. New York Super-state Parliament (ss2)
    4. North Atlantic Super-state Parliament (ss3)
    5. Great Lakes Super-state Parliament (ss7)
    6. Mid-West Super-state Parliament (ss8)
    7. Texas Super-state Parliament (ss9)
    8. SouthWest Super-state Parliament Circuit (ss10)
    9. Santa Barbara/SLO/Kern/Ventura Mini-state Parliament (ss11-7)
    10. Link Bulletin to Your Stories in YOUR Super-state Region
    11. ALL MPs – Please Vote on MPs’ Vote of Confidence, Ruling Coalition & Structural Eballots
    12. 2012 Year End Report
    13. All Party System Co. Seeks Names for Private Placement
    * * *

    1. National Executive

    Prime Minister Roseanne Barr (Green Tea) & Prime Minister Tiffany
    Briscoe (Green Tea-Rainbow) rank #6 and #36 repectively in the
    national November 6th POTUS election according to one chart:

    Roseanne & Johnny on KCAA Radio

    Taking calls LIVE every Sunday
    11:00 am to 1:00 pm PT on KCAA Radio
    (888) 909-1050
    (909) 888-5222

    Roseanne wrote; “Mia Farrow will be my Guest on Sunday’s [Dec. 2nd]
    Radio Show. We will be discussing the Congo.”
    * * *

    2. National Cabinet

    SEC Minister Misha Bogatirev (Environmentalist) Elected on 11/18/2012

    Arts & Culture Minister Lucian Myron (Polyglot) Elected on 11/13/2012
    Deputy Arts & Culture Minister Willie Nelson (Teapot) Elected on 11/13/2012

    National Council on Disability Minister Alexander “Sasha” Ivanoff (Independent) Elected on 11/1/2012
    Deputy National Council on Disability Minister Michael King (Roseannearchist) Elected on 11/1/2012
    * * *

    3. New York Super-state Parliament (ss2)

    MSP Alexander “Sasha” Ivanoff (Independent) Self Appointed on 11/1/2012
    MSP=member of super-state parliament
    * * *

    4. North Atlantic Super-state Parliament (ss3)

    MSP Teak (American Labor) Self Appointed on 11/30/2012
    MSP Tom McCall (Libertarian) Self Appointed on 11/10/2012
    MSP=member of super-state parliament
    * * *

    5. Great Lakes Super-state Parliament (ss7)

    MSP David Frank (Independent) Self Nominated on 11/15/2012

    MSP David Norton (Libertarian) Self Nominated on 11/9/2012
    MSP=member of super-state parliament
    * * *

    6. Mid-West Super-state Parliament (ss8)

    Cabinet Elected

    Human Rights Minister Dean Barkley (Independent) Elected on 11/15/2012
    Deputy Human Rights Minister Jesse Ventura (Independent) Elected on 11/15/2012
    Human Rights Ministry Director Kyle McCarter (Republican) Elected on 11/15/2012

    Transportation Minister Nick Miller (Republican) Elected on 11/12/2012
    Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Minister Paula Bradshaw (Green) Elected on 11/12/2012
    Federal Reserve System Minister Lex Green (Libertarian) Elected on 11/12/2012
    Agriculture Minister Jason Plummer (Republican) Elected on 11/12/2012
    Justice Minister Ron Duebbert (Republican) Elected on 11/12/2012
    Vote Counting Minister Jon McLean (Republican) Elected on 11/12/2012
    States Rights Minister Joshua Fauver (Constitution) Elected on 11/12/2012
    Constitutional Law Minister Dale Dorch (Constitution) Elected on 11/12/2012

    DuPage/Kane Mini-state Parliament (ss8-2)

    MMP Kathryn Bell-Angell (Pot) Self Appointed on 11/5/2012
    MMP=member of mini-state parliament

    Mid-West Super-state Parliament (ss8)

    Secretary Joshua Paul Angell (Socialist) Elected on 11/1/2012
    * * *

    7. Texas Super-state Parliament (ss9)

    Texas Prime Minister Rhett Smith’s (First Freedom) Congressional Opponent said;
    “I AM the church and I AM the state!”
    Read more here:

    Texas Prime Ministers Rhett Smith (First Freedom) and Tabatha A. Tower (Republican)
    connected near Fort Hood Texas and videotaped footage of an organization called “Under
    The Hood,” near Ft. Hood about veterans of the wars since 2003.
    * * *

    8. SouthWest Super-state Parliament Circuit (ss10)

    MSP Dea Riley (Independent) Nominated on 11/17/2012
    MSP=member of super-state parliament
    * * *

    9. Santa Barbara/SLO/Kern/Ventura Mini-state Parliament (ss11-7)

    MMP Jennifer Ann McCord (Conservative) Self Appointed on 11/5/2012
    MMP=member of mini-state parliament
    * * *

    10. Link Bulletin to Your Stories in YOUR Super-state Region

    The volunteers at the 9th USA Parliament’s daily and monthly
    bulletins seek links to interesting stories about our members
    who are in the news. Be sure to contact us with your story
    or link to a story, so we can add it to our bulletins.
    * * *

    11. ALL MPs – Please Vote on MPs’ Vote of Confidence, Ruling Coalition & Structural Eballots

    Get Eballots for MPs (and MSPs/MMPs) on “Voting/Vote Here” Tab:


    National Members of Parliament (MPs)

    Eballot for Voting on Prime Ministers
    Secretaries and Rules:


    Please copy, paste, mark your choices and reply to
    vvc at allpartysystem dot org
    Do not use X marks. Mark your choice(s) with numbers only.
    Put the figure 1 beside your first choice, the figure 2
    beside your second choice, the figure 3 beside your third choice,
    and so on. You may rank as many choices as you please.
    Do not put the same figure beside more than one choice/name.

    ———Official USA Parliament eballot ——–snip below here

    For elected MPs Ballot

    Prime Minister
    #1 ________________ (write in)
    #2 ________________ (write in)
    #3 ________________ (write in)

    #1 ________________ (write in)
    #2 ________________ (write in)

    Rules #1___
    #3 ___ (write in)

    Two Bylaws/Rules Choices:

    “Proposed Rules” (AKA 1-35 for gender balance)

    “Current Rules” 1 to 34
    * * *
    ——–end of ballot … snip above here——–
    Email marked eballot to vvc at allpartysystem dot org


    Proposed rule 35: 35. GENDER BALANCE in all USA Parliament elected bodies of representatives in the future shall be required to be made up of 50.8% female – based on the actual percent of female make-up in the USA. (The actual percentage will change according to US census statistics) Therefore, all genders who receive votes will be guaranteed to be elected until the correct balance, or closest possible match, is achieved.
    * * *

    12. 2012 Year End Report
    By James Ogle

    Completing two of our biggest years ever, 2011 and 2012,
    the 9th USA Parliament enjoyed exceptional growth in all
    regions and levels; national, super-state, mini-state and
    county micro-state parliaments and their cabinets.

    We expanded the national committee from 100 to 624, electing
    128 Roseannearchists primarily because of our new national President
    and Taoiseach (TEE-shock = prime minister) Roseanne Barr
    [Green Tea].

    Our members cemented relationships with many ballot
    qualified political parties; Constitution, Peace & Freedom,
    Green, Libertarian, Communist, Socialist, Democratic and
    Republican Party members.

    The American Parliament provided a tool for non-ballot qualified
    parties and independents to coalesce and unify; Boston Tea,
    Modern Whig, Independent, Pot, All, Green Tea-Rainbow,
    Free Spirit, Free Parliamentary, Decline to State, Free & Equal
    and more.

    Of the three female national prime ministers, one we elected
    was independent Prime Minister (PM) Miss Joy Waymire [Decline
    to State] – a purist libertarian and friend of the Libertarian
    Party’s founder – the late David Nolan (RIP). Mis Joy was the
    only known female Libertarian Party POTUS candidates from
    among more than seventeen who attended their national
    convention in Las Vegas NV.

    We elected an activist for the disabled,
    PM Tiffany Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow] of Annapolis
    MD – the youngest ballot qualified Afro-American female
    candidate known who qualified as a write in for POTUS
    in Maryland, along with her VP, California’s James Ogle
    [Free Parliamentary], both registered Democratic Party
    members with their state elections offices.

    We created a new All Party System Co. to assist with
    campaign operations, fund raising systems, media
    efforts and live rallies;
    whose beautiful web page design is by 2nd Secretary
    Mosheh Thezion [All].
    * * *

    13. All Party System Co. Seeks Names for Private Placement

    The All Party System Co.’s twenty BoD seats have been
    created consisting of ten BoDs elected by the volunteer
    workers and ten BoDs elected by the volunteer investors.

    Thus far, only the ten BoD seats for the workers
    have been elected and the investors are now
    being sought for the ten empty “Investors’ BoDs”
    seats. The cost under $20. for each seat. See
    the Volunteer Investors web page for more information:
    * * *

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