Binders Full of Me

By Loren Bienvenu – originally published on the Sante Fe Reporter

Binders Full of Roseanne

Five reasons Roseanne Barr deserves your vote for President of the United States of America

Contrary to the opinion of certain SFR editors, being intoxicated is not the only reason why someone would vote for Roseanne Barr. The comedian, former sitcom star, best-selling author, and outspoken activist is on the ballot in three States, and is recognized as an official write-in candidate in twenty others, including New Mexico.

If you consider yourself a principled voter and need a rationale to justify voting for an entertainer for public office, consider the following:

5.  She is the candidate of a legitimate party: the Peace and Freedom Party, founded in 1967 (Nader’s party in the 2008 election). Even better, her running mate is peace activist Cindy Sheehan!

4.  Her platform issues are nothing to laugh about. They include drug policy and prison reform, equal rights regardless of gender, sexuality, & race, and the expansion of electoral politics to include more than two parties (obviously).

3.  Unlike Mitt Romney, Roseanne is open about her past struggles with multiple personality disorder.

2.  Unlike Barack Obama, if she (or Sheehan) were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, it would be consistent with the prize’s mission statement.

1. She is a talented singer (watch to end):

YouTube Preview Image

While some might argue that a vote for Obama is a vote for Romney (or a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama), nobody can deny that a vote for Obama or for Romney is not a vote for Roseanne.


  1. Thank you for running for pres . It would be nice to see a woman clean the white house up it needs a refresher in beeing called a free country,. yes gay marriage should be legal
    as well as canabis be legal. thanks for running next time you have four years to really go for it . get the momentem unless prez gets impeached or something like that . the boys clubs of america . YES WOMAN THINK YES WOMAN ARE MORE THAN DOOR MATS . YES WE DO CARY THE WEIGHT OF 2 OR MORE AT TIMES IN SIDE AND OUT SIDE THE WALS OF LIFE.

  2. First! (and last…)

  3. Paul Stewart says:

    Mailed my vote in weeks ago didn’t like the other two shitheads so I voted for you I hope you plan to shit can Obamma Care

  4. Roseanne,
    A friend of mine just told me about your show on lifetime and I just watched the episode where you sang the star spangled banner and I CRIED! I want to tell you that you are a huge inspiration to me and it is incredible that you did that and with such fierceness! I am an RN and I just lost my job mostly because I am too holistic to be in a Western medicine setting but I still feel so bad about it. I have been so down about life in general but this episode gives me hope! If you can do what you did, then it makes me feel like I can do anything. Thank you so much for your inspiration!

  5. Daryl Baisley says:

    You have my Vote Roseanne Barr. I wish you would win this and our media supported you or at least gave you some air time. we all know its fixed. But my family and friends are with you.

  6. hi rosanne! PLEASE help us promote this crazy ass music video to turn out the women’s vote. i think you and your fans/supporters will really like it:

    we love you!!!

  7. Carole Butcher says:

    I believe you are great. You are real and actually give substance to this election. I am on your side! You have WON my vote. One undecided who has chosen the best candidate. Finally, someone great “good” rather the the lifeless choice of “the lesser evil”.

    Thank You,

  8. Happy Birthday Roseanne! You are one of my favorite comedians and actresses. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  9. just wanted to say hi and good luck! i’m 57 female and this will be the first time in my life voting (stupid i know) but i’ve decided you’re the best candidate…. love ya roseanne. Youre the only one on the ballot that makes sense. Longmont (middle of nowhere) colorado