ABC News: President Roseanne? Comedian Gets Thousands of Votes

By ALYSSA NEWCOMB (@alyssanewcomb)

Nov. 7, 2012

Comedian Roseanne Barr and peace activist Cindy Sheehan could have been elected president and vice president if more than 40,000 voters had had their way.

Thousands more online said they’d prefer that porn legend Ron Jeremy take the helm as leader of the free world.

While it was not known how many write-in votes Jeremy received, Barr’s candidacy on the Peace and Freedom ticket carried her to a sixth-place finish in California, where she received 36,762 votes.

In Florida, Barr and Sheehan received 7,996 votes, according to the latest tally.


“I thank the people who voted for me — most of you were first-time voters that would never have voted for Obama or for Romney,” Barr tweeted today.

The comedian, who had originally recruited country music icon Willie Nelson as her vice president before he backed out, campaigned on a platform that included the legalization of marijuana, a resource-based economy and forgiveness of student loans.

“Now we begin: holding our president’s feet to the fire. #debtrelief #peace,” she tweeted today.


  1. You may have actually had a shot, if you had a better VP candidate. POS Cindy Sheehan is a disgrace to her sons memory.

  2. Considering how late in the game you entered the race, as well as not being included in the third party debates online (which was quite unfortunate, to say the very least on that subject), the number of votes that you received is absolutely phenomenal, with all things considered, and that’s not even including any write-in votes within states that never counted their write in votes (such as my own-I am terribly tempted to contact the state offices to see if they have any intention of counting write ins for this election, or just leave everything as is, and I’m sure thousands of voters’ votes completely ignored and uncounted, just because of their write in vote). I personally believe that if you got that many votes this time around, could you imagine how many possible voters you could get should you begin campaigning earlier on? I would love to see everyone who voted for this party this election gather together and start a grassroots campaign for 2016 right now, and by the time the next Presidential election roles around, there could possibly a huge grassroots campaign countrywide, in every state, with large numbers of volunteers and supporters in each one, and all done through personal passion and belief in the party’s messages, a true need for REAL change in this country, and especially within the government and DC itself, all done without any kind of large donor bribe money, and completely by volunteers who truly believe this is the best party to back. And I really wish I could have written my message more eloquently, but I seem to be having one of those days today where my thoughts aren’t transferring well over into words

  3. Iam 52 yrs.old and my hubby and I voted for you,and dang proud of it too,lol. Love you Roseanne! Watch your reruns over and over!

  4. Living Dead Girl Nicole says:

    Congrats on the votes that you did receive!!!

    • I voted for you because I have been sick about our choices for years! I have voted
      Republican, Democratic, I felt
      It was between Jill and you! And I love your logic and wisdom!
      Sincerely Vicci