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  1. The green party in Norman, OK is running Jill Stein for President. Rosanne, you are no where to be found on my ballot. I checked on the “what is on my ballot” site. How do a do a write in candidate on the Cleveland County ballot? Or how do I find out about writing you in as a Presidential Candidate?
    Just a note:
    America, the “Land of the Free” has the debates that only involve 2 candidates. We are not a democracy. This is a very good indicator of that fact. I will be voting early as suggested by Rosanne. I printed out the location of the place to go in my county from the suggested site on this posting. I will call ahead and get some assistance in the “write in ” process. Every single candidate in this country should be ON the ballot ! (“should” being the operative word)
    By the way, Rosanne, I voted for Angela Davis in two elections. She was on the ballot ! Yes, the Socialist and communist Parties were on the ballot back in the days….She ran for Vice President 3 times I think. I cannot remember the male who was her running partner each time. What an Afro she had back then ! And her politics ! Girl, you are almost middle of the road compared to her ! Power to the People ! Right on !

  2. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    Press Release: US Parliament
    Friday, 19, October 2012
    USParliament.org: PM Roseanne Barr for POTUS Everywhere!!

    Office of the 1st Secretary: James Ogle (Free Parliamentary)
    (Carmel Valley, California)
    (415) 686-1996


    1. Vote for USParliament.org’s President Roseanne Barr (Green Tea) for POTUS 11/6/2012
    2. SouthWest Super-state Parliament (ss10)
    3. New; Daily, Weekly Bulletin Email Lists
    4. National Cabinet
    5. Presidential Debate Committee (PDC)
    6. Mid-West Super-state Parliament (ss8)
    7. Mid-Atlantic Super-state Parliament (ss4)
    8. PacificNW Super-state Parliament (ss12)
    9. California Super-state Parliament (ss11)
    * * *

    1. Vote for USParliament.org’s President Roseanne Barr (Green Tea) for POTUS 11/6/2012

    HEAR YE!! HEar ye!!

    Due to a recent ruling by the US Internal Revenue Service’s
    Determination Specialist, the 9th USA Parliament is no longer
    permitted to operate as a national charity/non-profit because
    of our election of political planks on the platform and other
    political activities:

    This allows certain new free speech freedoms and among
    those being our ability to publicly announce support for our
    elected members, including US Presidential and US Senate
    candidates for elected office in the national elections, first
    Tuesday of November, 11/6/2012.

    Among those names elected are Honorable 21st Prime Minister
    and President of the 9th USA Parliament Roseanne Barr (Green Tea):

    The US Senate Ministry Candidates Elected:

    1 Colia Clark (Green) for US Senate of New York
    2 Chris Edes (Libertarian) for US Senate of New York
    3 Greg Pason (Socialist) for US Senate of New Jersey
    4 James Harris (Socialist Workers) for US Senate of New Jersey
    * * *

    2. SouthWest Super-state Parliament (ss10)

    MSP Lydia Kelemen (Independent) Self Appointed on 10/19/2012
    MSP=member of super-state parliament
    * * *

    3. New; Daily, Weekly Bulletin Email Lists

    The USA Parliament’s Monthly Bulletin policies are being
    changed, and now the monthly bulletin will be sent only
    on the first day of the month and will report all activities
    for the preceding month.

    In addition to the regular Monthly Bulletin,
    a new Daily and Weekly Bulletin will be sent out to those
    interested in more regular reports. In order to specify
    whether you’d like to receive one, two or all three reports,
    please contact Secretary James Ogle via email at
    info@allpartysystem.org or by phone (415) 686-1996.
    * * *

    4. National Cabinet

    Research and Science Minister Karen Wanchoo (Info. Not Avail.) Elected on 10/17/2012
    Deputy Research and Science Minister Virginia Smith (Green) Elected on 10/17/2012

    Foreign Ministry

    India – Karen Wanchoo (Info. Not Avail.) Self Appointed on 10/16/2012
    Nigeria – Dr.Chinweike Ndubuisi Igwe (Info. Not Avail.) Self Appointed on 10/16/2012

    States Rights Minister Parker Louis Seely (Constitution) Elected on 10/10/2012
    Deputy States Rights Minister Rene Jean (Free Parliamentary) Elected on 10/10/2012

    Labor Minister Joseph C. Skues (Green) Elected on 10/8/2012
    Deputy Labor Minister Joan Briscoe (Independent) Elected on 10/8/2012

    Interior Ministry

    Director Marston (Info. Not Avail.) Elected on 10/7/2012
    * * *

    5. Presidential Debate Committee (PDC)

    Don J. Grundmann (Constitution) for President Elected on 10/12/2012
    Parker Louis Seely (Constitution) for President Elected on 10/12/2012
    J.R. Myers (Constitution) for President Elected on 10/12/2012
    Alex Jones (Libertarian) for President Elected on 10/12/2012
    * * *

    6. Mid-West Super-state Parliament (ss8)

    Prime Minister Parker Louis Seely (Constitution) Elected on 10/11/2012

    St. Clair Mini-state Parliament (ss8-7)

    MMP Parker Louis Seely (Constitution) Self Appointed on 10/10/2012
    MMP=member of mini-state parliament
    * * *

    7. Mid-Atlantic Super-state Parliament (ss4)

    MSP Rosemarie Parsons (Independent Democrat) Self Appointed on 10/9/2012
    MSP Karen Hammett (Info. Not Avail.) Self Appointed on 10/4/2012
    MSP=member of super-state parliament
    * * *

    8. PacificNW Super-state Parliament (ss12)

    Full Cabinet Ministers

    Veterans Affairs Minister Mimi Soltysik (Socialist) Elected on 10/5/2012

    Deputy Ministers

    Deputy Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Minister Saichairi Rian McGrath (Socialist) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Homeland Security Minister Steve Sears (Independent Socialist) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Energy Minister Steve Clark (Socialist) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Federal Communications Commissioner Minister Bob Ely (Democrat) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Press Secretary Minister Lydia Kelemen (Independent) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Interior Minister Jerry Levy (Socialist) Elected on 10/5/2012
    * * *

    9. California Super-state Parliament (ss11)

    6th California Super-state Parliament Cabinet

    Transportation Minister G3org3 Costa (Info. Not Avail.) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Transportation Minister Dee Benedict (Green Tea) Elected on 10/5/2012

    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Minister Mahgum Eric Thorson (We Like Women) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Minister Kevin Clark (Green Libertarian) Elected on 10/5/2012

    Human Rights Minister Cindy Sheehan (Peace & Freedom) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Human Rights Minister Miss Joy Waymire (Decline to State) Elected on 10/5/2012

    Constitutional Law Minister Richard “Bill” E. Bailey (Democratic) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Constitutional Law Minister Anonymous (Info. Not Avail.) Elected on 10/5/2012

    Foreign Minister Dr. Richard Gorrara (Democrat) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Foreign Minister Robert S. (Pot) Elected on 10/5/2012

    Federal Communications Commissioner Minister Hal Ginsberg (Green) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Federal Communications Commissioner Minister Alex Plewniak (Libertarian) Elected on 10/5/2012

    Energy Minister Byron (Independent) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Energy Minister Warren Campbell (American Independent) Elected on 10/5/2012

    Independent Expenditure Minister Marian Smithson (Libertarian) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Independent Expenditure Minister Donna Tello (Libertarian) Elected on 10/5/2012

    Treasury Minister Cody Nott (Info. Not Avail.) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Veterans Affairs Minister Michael Williams (Info. Not Avail.) Elected on 10/5/2012

    Vote Counting Minister Laura Wells (Green) Elected on 10/5/2012

    Attorney General Minister Victoria Peterson (Independent) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Deputy Attorney General Minister Paul Holman (Independent Democrat) Elected on 10/5/2012

    Interior Minister Paul Holman (Independent Democrat) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Platform Minister Craig Peterson (Green) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Minister Frank Garcia (Info. Not Avail.) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Health and Human Services Minister Forrest Hill (Green) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Supreme Electoral Council Minister Ralph Hoffman (Bi-Polar Advantage) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive Minister Don Grundmann (Constitution) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Internal Affairs of the Senate Minister James Anthony (LEAP) Elected on 10/5/2012
    CIA Minister David Frey (Independent) Elected on 10/5/2012
    BATF Minister Kenneth Weismann (Libertarian) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Environmental Minister Mike Stanley (Democratic) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Education Minister Mehul M. Thakker (Green) Elected on 10/5/2012
    AMTRAK (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) Minister Michael Metti (Libertarian) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Research and Science Minister Alvin Hanson (Independent) Elected on 10/5/2012
    Native American Affairs Minister Loris Scagliarini (Independent) Elected on 10/5/2012
    * * *

    * * *
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