The Twenty (20) States Where Voters can Cast a Write-in Vote for Me

These First Three States I’m actually on the Ballot

California, Colorado and Florida

Write-in Ballot Access in the Following States and working on more

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
Rhode Island
West Virginia


  1. Roseanne you are f**king AWESOME! You have my vote and Next election we are talking it home!!

  2. MizT in Illinois says:

    I wrote you in in ILLINOIS anyway!

  3. Jessica Robertson says:

    I am a North Carolinian. I voted today. I wrote you in. Even if my vote will not be counted in NC. I feel I have made a stand. PEACE & FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My best friend and I both voted for (wrote in) Roseanne for the Primary. We’ll do it again in November. (Within the next few days in fact.)

  5. Michelle Kissel says:

    Get Illinois to add Roseanne to the ballot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. As a first time voter- all I can say is, thank you Roseanne! I have wanted a woman in office for SOOO long. Now there’s a chance I can have THE WOMAN? Oh man, you have my vote!

    I am a 24 year old male, and I just want to say, out of everyone I have seen and heard- you not only make the most sense, but actually seem to CARE! That care is what is lacking in this presidential fakery. I just feel like you get it. You know what people need because you realize you, yourself, are one of those people! Lol!

    Yes we cannabis! You SO have my vote in Florida! I got chills when I saw your name on the Ballot!

  7. Lisa McDonald says:

    Roseanne I am a non LGBT non Transgender identified person who just happened to get stuck being born Transsexual and held hostage by the LGBT and their Transgender henchmen. I hope your not left thinking all Transsexuals are jerks or get their knickers in a twist so easily. You made some valid points that they can’t handle. I was going to write in Alfred E. Newman this year but since you’ve done such a great job of pissing off the Transgender Trannies you have now earned my vote. I’ll be writing your name in, in Southeast Iowa.

  8. Kimberly Davenport says:

    I was planning to vote for you here in Ohio, where my vote actually counts for something. I shall write you in, and if they do not like it, well, I will tell them where to kiss.

  9. I don’t like either of the two candidates, wish South Carolina would let you write you in. I feel the same way as DJ my vote probably isn’t going to matter so I might just do it anyway.

  10. its upsetting that your not on all voters ballots no matter where we live,,we should all be allowed to vote for whom ever. its suppose to be a democracy not controlled.

  11. Are we able to cast a write-in vote for you in Illinois?

  12. R.D. Armbruster says:

    We surely could usse a better congress. That is who realy allows things to pass. They seem to think taking a bribe(pac money) is okay but in truth they defy the American people. They get thier big salaries and walk off the job whenever thy feel like it. If we did that we’d be fired. As for lifetime wages and health coverage at taxpayer expense it is obsene. Sorry my spelling is so bad, but needed to say my piece.

  13. patricia chandler says:

    Dearest Beloved Roseanne,
    All thru the years, I have known you in your book on TV, your books, and interviews about your REAL LIFE! I have loved you swince your first HBO special, where you came onstage , wearimg that turqiose blue top and pants set, and ate Cheetos onstage. I feel as if we are FRIENDS, just ones who haven’t met yet! One thing that is most important to me, is someone HONEST ALL THE TIME to be President, and although at times, your life has been complicated, you never lost yourself, remained honest and foruthright, always, even in the middle of media mayhem. THANK YOU FINALLY, for an honest, working person that everyone already loves and is smarter, more personable, a WOMAN, and has given us all so many years of not just entertainment, but PURE JOY! I’m voting for HONESTY, and that, dear friend, will be YOU! Love you, and the best of luck, in all things! THANK YOU AGAIN, I adore you, your lifelong, fellow single working mother and Domestic Goddess, Patricia ps* WORSHIP THE WATER YOU WALK ON! GOOD LUCK! STAY STRONG, this is an EPIC WIN! Pats <3 "A VOTE FOR ROSENANE IS A VOTE IS FOR HONESTY, HARD WORK, and NO BULLSHIT! "


  15. I love Roseanne Barr! You got my vote

  16. How the hell can this be? It’s unbelievable we can not vote for who we want. Only out of choices the government says so? Doesn’t this just sound wrong? The words nazi, dictatorship, unconstitutional come to mind.

  17. It is less than 2 weeks until election day and you are not on the ballot is South Carolina . I am still going to write you in. This would be a much better place if a woman of your stature were running this country . Good luck to you and hopefully our country will open their eyes as well as their hearts.

  18. Benjamin Allen says:

    Okay, so hypothetically, if every single American voter wrote your name on their ballot, they would just throw them away in all but the 23 states listed? Ridiculous. My state is not on the list, but I’m taking my pencil with me anyway. I thought that a write in vote had to be counted, no matter what, so long as the persons name being written in, had openly declared their candidacy. I guess I was wrong? Ugh. Just the fact that the ballot access is so restrictive, is a clear indication to me of the dictatorial nature of the 2 party system.

    Roseanne, your “Who do I have to be?” “I’m an American citizen who’s very very concerned…” speech reasonated with me so profoundly. It really struck a chord. Because that’s who I am too. And the real crime of the bitch is that the 2 major party candidates who stand to garner the most votes, are also American citizens, yet don’t seem to be concerned IN THE LEAST that “everything is upside down and makes absolutely no sense.” They don’t seem to give a care at all. The only passion and fire they seem to have is for bloodlust and greed. Which is exactly why I’ll be taking my pencil to the poll with me on November 6th, ballot access be damned. I love your spirit. I love your drive. I love your love. Thank you for having the courage to be a voice for those of us who feel as though we don’t have one at all.


  19. Colorado nana here……….roseanne you received my vote today…..the feminine energy is here, thank you for showing up…..ps. We saw you at comedy works back in the day at larimer square. Denver. We were young and in love 1973!!!!! Also voted in the mj amendment on the ballot

  20. I’m writing you in anyway when I vote in Michigan. Like the person before me said, none of it matters. Maybe my ballot will at least get noticed! Rock on you wild woman!

  21. Steven J. Moldo says:

    Rosie, i was thrilled when i heard the greatest news i could hope for, other than winning the lotto etc. Yeh for all of us! I was looking forward to another same old same old,boring, bus. as usual election. nothing would have changed either way. i’ve only had the carrot dangled on T.V. by D. Trump, then on the Dr. Oz show a few minutes ago. I truley hope this is all for real!! i would love any e:mails or correspondence from you or your campaign people. I’m 61y.o. i’ve been watching you for years & i agree with everything i’ve heard so far. I’ve only heard/read a minimum of info so far. Still reading. I, for one of millions will be honored to vote for you!!! THIS COUNTRY NEEDS YOU IN THE OVAL OFC. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!! Your friend, Steve, from Mpls.,MN

  22. A. Durney - NY Sate says:

    I also think it’s ridiculous that I can’t vote for you in NYS. I’m going to do exactly what the person ahead of me is going to do. Whether it means my vote counts or not. I’m writing it in anyway! I’ve voted EVERY YEAR since I was old enough to do so. I’ve always stuck to the main two parties, usually democrat, but I’m tired of feeling stuck and my friends NOT voting at all, because they don’t seem to think it matters. It does matter! Having someone as our President who actually cares about the people who live in it, is something I have believed we’ve needed in well over a decade! You Roseanne, ARE that person! I know that in time, others are going to start to see this crazy 2 party system they’ve been hanging on to is more than obsolete and a positive change will come.


  24. Keep working on getting more states.
    We need you on the ballot in Wisconsin!

  25. It HAS to be allowed for Michigan! You have my vote regardless.

  26. InducinPanic says:

    Finally a canidate speaking a lanuage of HUMANITY!!!! Unfortunately Ohio is not on the list!!! DAMN DAmn damn!!! Never even wanted to vote until Rossanne!!! …

  27. Im pissed you could not get on the ballot in NY state.
    Hell, Im writing you in anyways, according to Greg Palast living in Harlem means I am 900 times more likely to not have my vote counted anyways.

    I m furious you are not allowed in the 3rd party debates.

    all other 3rd party candidates still believe the fox can guard the hen house and all will get fixed.

    well , its already fixed, as you say , as in RIGGED.

    • http://www.nysthirdparty.com/how.html
      “a write in vote couldn’t be easier than in new york.”

    • Robert Hoover says:

      So true DJ, because all the ‘Change’ people are talking about is just the same ideas that have been thrown around for years now. No one is willing to be out there discussing real problems & practical solutions because that would mean we’d have to admit the Dem/Rep’s are both failing parties. Even, like you mentioned, some third parties are playing the exact game by blaming Dem/Rep’s without a game plan themselves. If you have no solution, then it doesn’t matter what party you stand for, it’s not going to work.

      I was really erked when they refused Roseanne a chance to speak truth amongest the lies. Even on RT (Russian Television) satelite channel they didn’t mention Roseanne once. Which suprised me because Russian news is suprisingly on point with whats going on today in America.

      Which is why I successfully cast my absentee ballot already. I didn’t want anything to hold me up like not having a ride to the polls did in the primaries. Its been difficult to volunteer, so I printed Roseanne flyers offline and hung them up around my rural downtown city of Mt.Pleasant, NC- located near Concord/Charlotte.

      The coolest place I put flyers was in the local What-a-burger restaurant. Thats where most people will notice them. Hopefully I swayed some votes looking for real canidates & not just the Dem/Rep puppet show we’re use to every election.

      If I’d suggest one thing to yah DJ its post up flyers where ever you can do it. Thats how we are going to get her name out there. And if there aren’t writ-ns for Roseanne…..I’d do it anyway!

  28. Jessica Rhynalds says:

    Not in Kentucky?! That’s fine. I’m still gonna just write Roseanne’s name in big ass letters on the ballot and check it. Fuck Obamney.

  29. Work trowd Missouri o think youd make a great presadent i think your fwm to earth person n lnow how to help pur cournty i will erite you in on my ballet.

  30. wendy thompson says:

    i sure do wish i could vote for you in missouri

  31. Sandy Henning says:

    Roseanne I truly respect you and your mind. Please try to get Ohio for at least the write in option. If there is anything I can do to help please contact me. Peace and Love

  32. GET TEXAS ON THAT THERE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~

  33. I would love if you could add Missouri to your list of on the ballot or be able to write you in. I won’t vote unless your there! Love Ya Roseanne Barr!!!

  34. *sad* You aren’t on the ballot for my state (VA) I’d SO vote for you!

  35. jennifer fraunfelder says:

    yay. I cant wait to write you in , in Alabama !!

  36. I cast my vote for Roseanne today, on my Wyoming Absentee Ballot. Really wish you WIN!!!!!

  37. Wrote you in from Washington State~~ GOOD LUCK!



  39. Come to NC I will be a first time voter with you on the ballot! Anything I can I will to help you in anyway !

  40. Briony Troxel says:

    You have 3 votes in Indiana…if you become a write-in on time.