Organizers of Free and Equal Debates are Just as Exclusionary

In allowing only four minor-party candidates to share the stage, the organizers of tonight’s Free & Equal debate are being as exclusionary as the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) was in limiting the three nationally-televised debates to President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. It’s shameful, especially since two of tonight’s participants — the Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson of the fledgling Justice Party — aren’t on the ballot in enough states to theoretically win on November 6th.

On the other hand, I represent a party with a much longer history than any of tonight’s participants. Unlike former Congressman Goode and ex-Salt Lake City Mayor Anderson, I am on the ballot in the most populous state in the country and, in addition to vote-rich Florida and Colorado, will have write-in status in enough states to “mathematically” Occupy the White House on November 6th.


  1. Hi Rosanne!

    Lifelong fan here just checking in to give you some support. Jill Stein was arrested outside the last presidential debate just for showing up.
    If the debates were still being run by the League of Women Voters I think more canidates would be heard and real questions would be being asked.
    But we no longer even have a government. What we have is a collection of Banks and Corporations running this country. Its pretty horrifying what you find when you look under the rug. But most of Amerika does not bother to look under the rug. They would rather believe in the Hollywood Blockbuster epic bullshit they are being spoonfed. I, myself am just starting to put together the bigger picture. Im kind of horrified…

    I bought the entire season of Roseannes Nuts and watched the whole thing in one day. I loved it. Ive missed you being on the teeevee! Ratings and men in suits opinions dont matter. The fact that you constantly lay down something to think about and a reason to LAUGH is priceless. Not to mention showing women how to stand up for themselves. I imagine the powers that be dont appreciate you like you the rest of us do. ;)
    It was also really REALLY great to see Phyllis Diller… Omg. That was the sweetest episode of all. I laughed and laughed and was glad to have gotten to “spend some time’ with her before she passed. She said in that show that you were the only person who could get her out of the house and I just wanted to say that Im so glad you did. Priceless. Also so great to see Sandy B! Ive missed her too.

    Anyway – stumbled upon your blog while googling where you live on the islands. Its been on my bucket list for years and years to visit Hawaii!
    While researching which island to go to I remembered your show and how beautiful your little neck of the woods is.
    So I may visit the Big Island this winter for the first time.
    If you’d like the company of a big ol genderqueer shout me a holler. It would be great to meet you!
    Just writing that made lol a little with feeling foolish. But fuck it. If you cant write to someone you have admired and looked up to you for years on end – whats the world coming to.
    But – the world is also full of crazy nut jobs so – I get it.

    thanks for making me laugh my ass off all these years….



  2. G. Peter Linneman says:

    Roseanne, personally I don’t see how you have the audacity to demand equality. My wife is TG, and I could not believe what you have said and defended. You have stated that all women hate TG people and that they should be segregated, and on top of that when questioned on these beliefs and statements, your response was “woman hater” implying all who don’t agree with you are woman haters. People like Martin Luther King Jr. have brought us out of that world of segregation and biggotry and people like you and Madonna brought us into the world we are in today where women, gay men, lesbians, overweight people, (the list goes on) have respect and are seen as people who are loved for who they are because we are “Born this way.” Your petty “woman hater” response represents the minority.

    To Roseanne’s supporters,
    I think Roseanne has a lot of good things to say and has fought several battles that we should not forget. As I mentioned earlier, she has impacted many minority groups and particularly mine in a positive way, but unfortunately she has shown her true colors. She does not care about equality for everyone. I would love to live in a world where people’s rights weren’t being fought for because in that world the label I “fit into” would have no reason to exist in the first place. So to her supporters and voters, read her twitter and the things she has said and ask yourself if she truly stands for everyone’s equality. I’m not here to say your opinion on her statements is right or wrong, just think about the kind of people we want in office. I’m not here to get you to “think my way” just to inform you because if you are anything like me, I didn’t believe what I heard until I read it myself.

  3. Thane Eichenauer says:

    Good point.