One of the Songs that Changed My Life

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  1. Hiya Rosanne!

    Just searched “where is Rosanne now?’ and, here you are running for the Presidency of the US!! very cool. Melanie was a small influence on me, most notebly, her song ‘brand new key’. But one song of that made a huge impression was…OHIO: CSN and Y.

  2. Hi,

    I was so busy working 2 to 3 jobs at once for 20 years that when I got older and slowed down a bit I noticed that all the laws had changed .Like mandatory seat belt laws,.08 alcohol driving limits.I wondered how all of these things got passed.Then it dawned on me that these laws get through alot because most of us are out there busting our butts and somehow these laws sneak past us.
    Madd mothers have thier say,Naacp have thier say,even Teens have a say.Someone needs to start a group for the poor working stiffs.There are so many of us we would be a major force to reckon with.I would have loved an informative letter monthly ( Just the facts ) on what laws to run go vote against ( or for) Just think of what an organization like this could do for charitys,political pull,laws etc.When it becomes illegal for a few hardworking guys (or gals ) to go into a bar after a hard days work and split a pitcher of beer w/o fear of a d.u.i something is worng.I’m all for keeping the drunks off the road ,but when did it come to this? ( a one beer law) Anyway if I were younger I would really work on this.I would call it The Ass Busters of America foundation! We need to fight back! Just think if we all organized a protest for just one day ummm.. like say no one buy gas on tues.we could get some major attention.

  3. They just don’t make songs like this anymore. As a 24 year old, I can say it sickens me to think of how degraded the youth culture is. I feel like I was SO born in the wrong time. The youth back in the 70’s wanted to make a difference. And as the youth became adults and had families, I imagine that when they were crying for peace, they would hope their chiuldren would carry it on. I wish we would.

    Instead of slamming the next Playstation in your kids face, tell them to shut up and listen to the problems. You may not see them, but they are they and they DO effect the way you live- gay or straight, black or white.

    The media (mostly Sony Music) just wants the youth listening to what I consider audio porn (I’ll admit, I like Lil’ Kim… but I get how to take that music. That’s just to listen to, not to live by). Music like this is music to live by. We’re getting closer- it’s no longer easy to ignore. That’s for sure.

  4. Rebecca Crim says:

    I’m 19 and also a deadhead. I just wanted to say how much I truly appreciate Roseanne Barr and he taste of music. When I was younger I watched Roseanne everyday. It would make me laugh until I cried. I love that there’s little bits and pieces of The Dead in a ton of episodes. I think that was great to challenge the norm. I look up to Roseanne and I think she’s a great role model to women who know they are strong and different. She gave me the confidence to be myself, no matter how different I really am. I think she’s an awesome and funny woman. Much love, sending positive vibes your way.