Elderly Facing Poverty Crisis

Martin Feldstein, Top Reagan Adviser: Elderly Facing Poverty Crisis
Posted: 10/24/2012 7:37 pm EDT Updated: 10/24/2012 11:38 pm EDT

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NEW YORK — Martin Feldstein, a former top economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan, said too many elderly Americans are trapped in poverty.

“I think it’s really shocking that we spend about $500 billion a year on Social Security, and yet we have many, many old people in poverty,” said Feldstein, a Harvard economist, at The Economist’s Buttonwood Gathering on Wednesday. “Something’s wrong with that system.”

Feldstein said that the Social Security system especially fails women who aren’t in the workforce. He said that young and middle-aged women who lose husbands to death or divorce and don’t have enough work experience get left out in the cold.
“If they don’t have an income history of their own, the Social Security system fails them,” he said.

Feldstein served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under Reagan from 1982 to 1984, when the poverty rate fell. But the poverty rate when Reagan left office was higher than it was when he took office.

Feldstein also said the government is failing to encourage Americans to save.
“We don’t encourage wealth accumulation,” Feldstein said. “We don’t encourage people to have personal retirement accounts, personal savings accounts that they can use when there are medical emergencies or unemployment emergencies, and I think we ought to both encourage and tax facilitate for middle- and lower-income people to accumulate liquid wealth.”

There is data that backs up Feldstein’s point. Nearly one in three middle-class Americans say they plan to work into their 80s because they cannot afford to retire earlier, according to a recent Wells Fargo survey. Roughly one in two Americans are not saving for retirement at all. And one in two Americans do not have enough emergency savings to cover three months of expenses, according to Bankrate.com.

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  1. Diana Hombre says:

    There is not enough attention brought publicly to this epidemic! As a woman who raised 2 children on a secretary’s salary, I can vouch that there was never any money to save for retirement or anything else when raising a family. I worked hard and was an honest citizen of this country. Now, I am alone and trying to get my social security in order to survive. That monthly income is not enough to support any human being with an ounce of dignity and I have had to sell my home and move out of the country in order to survive on little to no income. This money will run out and then I will unfortunately be a burden to the economy in the country where I raised my children. But I am trying to survive the best I can on the little income I have. Elderly people are just forgotten. NO one wants to talk about it.

  2. steve pizzetti says:

    hi roseanne, if i thought there was a chance in hell you’d win, i’d vote for you in one second! i just wanted to thank you. i’m out of work and so is my wife. my parents are living with us. my dad has dementia and my mom has stage four cancer. things are terrible to say the very least. you may find it hard to believe but the only thing that carries us away from our scary existance is watching reruns of your show. i know it’s weird, …but true. lucy use to do it for me but now it’s you. we’ve seen every show a million times and yet there is always something that lifts our spirts. i really don’t know how well i’d do without the connors. i love you so much and just wanted to let you know how very much we appreciate what you’ve done for us. love you, steve