Bonus Army: U.S. Attacks Demonstrating War Veterans

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  1. I am definitely voting for Roseanne…..my mom was floored and got mad and said you gotta vote for romney…i was like what the fuk? Ma… I am half Native American….an ex lesbian who is going through transition female to male and on top of it i receive food stamps … i am poor…why the f would i vote for that hate monger? she hung up the phone….LOL oops I guess ma did not know I am a tranny. hahaha. Roseanne you have my vote…you go girl! You are the coolest thing since uh the vibrator was invented …..yes I am sooo excited you are on the ballot….we need you in office….omg please remove the butt heads we have running this country.

  2. Robert Hoover says:

    ‘Occupy Movements’ have been staged throughout our country’s history, that is why I support a new Constitution: Eptimizing our “New American Ideals” backed by proportional voting systems that help citizens unite their country by electing canidates who will work on the issues that effect everyday citizens, in every state with there unique culture & circumstances.

    *Like those draft soliders shown above*

  3. Maggie Moline says:

    If you have an email where I could send attachments, I can show you in the constitution where
    it says the presidential qualifications were intended to have 2 US citizen parents,
    and whereby Obama does not, his father was never naturalized. (I copied it from the law library
    constitution book :)) Some tried to file lawsuits but it appears they filed civil suits instead
    of criminal, whereby they lost because they could not show monetary/property loss through being
    a voter. If you file a criminal suit, you could win & get rid of Obama.
    I think Romney did something criminal too, investigate, as info was emailed to me about it, info
    to disqualify him – You could get these bozo’s disqualified and then a 3rd party candidate will
    win by default, I think you could have a good shot :).. I love the things you are saying :) –
    although I think it’d be better to try and curb the swear words for politics,being a politician :).
    Lots of Love & support,
    Maggie Moline