Bitter, Party of Five

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My Downwardly Mobile Cast got together and made a Series for YouTube

Five fairly successful actors, cast in a hot new NBC TV pilot starring Roseanne Barr & John Goodman, have been waiting for word about whether their show would get picked up. The hopeful five bonded and became practically inseparable until finally, in desperation, they made one phone call. THIS… is that phone call. And YES the phone call is real.

Starring: Jason Antoon, Mary Birdsong, Greg Cromer, Tricia O’Kelley, Romy Rosemont


  1. Good video!! NBC Needs to pick up the show.

  2. I been waiting on news about this and that sux. i was lookin forward to seeing you and mr. goodman on tv again in a new show. Dont give up, Roseanne. Nowadays, network execs obviously dont know genius if it bit them in the ass. so keep trying to sell the pilot and I hope that it gets picked up cas We all need you back on TV! :) Much love

  3. Anne Kimball says:

    Yay Mary! That’s my sister!!!