You Are Not What They Say You Are – Barr/Sheehan 2012

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  1. Women and men should be able to look however they choose. There are subtle ways to fit in without wearing the “traditional political attire”. You’d be surprised to see just how many politicians blend in with the crowds.

    The answer to the money problems is to elude society of the corrupt government and corporate world by promoting Green Peace, which supports love, healthy organic medicines, TLC, and so on… In order for these primary initiatives to be effective, we must replace the dirty weeds and plant beautiful grass, flowers, and other beautiful elements of the natural environment. We also need to promote sustainable products that are healthy for the environment. I am a non-traditional journalist helping to restore lives, with—out the lust of money, rather—with—the—support : of those in the shadows of places that believe in this cause. One day, we as a group will be a successor as a nonpublic–figure, and, the generations behind us will have a more prosperous environmentally safe community built upon the premises of love, peace, and non-violent communities. If you join our shadow, you will not need to worry about money, it will cease to exist. -Mikey “Working to help those help themselves and supporting local community businesses that are creating health organic foods in a sustainable environmental resource.” ~Mikey (Acknowledged 2012)

  2. if you are 75 or older you are on your own as far as medicare obamacare or whatever you want to call it. if you can afford it you and everyone you know should buy regular full coverage health insurance. of course none of us`regular people or self employed can afford it but buy or pay another penalty. hey that will fix everything. if you really want to fix the money needed to pay for all of these things make a formula to create a process to make all womens hair look as age appropiate as`Roseannes looked for her roast. fix it so its ok to have alittle gray