Samuel L. Jackson – “WAKE THE FUCK UP” Video

Now, as all of you know, Roseanne has made her feelings about President Obama and his administration’s policies abundantly clear. While he may be the lesser of two evils in our two party political system, that’s not enough to deserve your vote by default. However… this video from Samuel L. Jackson couldn’t be a more clear interpretation of the differences between a Mitt Romney governed nation and a Barack Obama governed nation.

So, if you’re among the millions who will cast their vote for either a Republican or a Democrat this November, instead of the Peace and Freedom Presidential Candidate, Roseanne… please, watch this video first and WAKE THE FUCK UP!

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  1. That was one of the vilest, most dishonest pieces of right-wing propaganda I’ve ever seen. It blatantly lies about who Obama is and what he represents (the interests of the rich) and uses fear to attempt to scare us into believing that the Republicans represent a greater danger to this country than the Democrats, who are very clearly and indisputably now a right-wing, corporate party. What a joke. But then Jackson is a very wealthy man, a multi-millionaire, and like so many of the other millionaires in this country, is supporting Obama, the ultimate millionaires’ president. Not surprising. He undoubtedly enjoys the tax cuts that Obama and his fellow liberals have given to the rich. He undoubtedly wants to continue receiving multi-million dollar pay days from the very wealthy corporations that have received trillions from Obama and his honchos. So, sure, he favors Obama. If I was rich I would too. So, really people, Wake the F*** UP!!!. Don’t listen to millionaires who work for wealthy corporations. They couldn’t care less about you. Whoever is elected won’t do a thing for you. They will serve the rich. They will persecute people who smoke pot. They will wage endless war on innocent people. They will steal from the poor and give to the rich.

    Look at the facts, follow the money. Join the overwhelming majority of genuinely patriotic Americans who will do the right thing and boycott this blatantly corrupt and meaningless presidential election. The apathetic ones, the ones who vote, will tell you that it is YOU who are apathetic, not the other way around. Don’t believe them. They are corrupt fools who only want to preserve their gravy train.

    If you want to know the truth here’s a clip that spells in out in no uncertain terms:

    Thanks for listening.

  2. A lot of my family members like Obama, so i guess they are awake. i like barr.

  3. If she wins the Presidential race, I heard that Roseanne will take the oath of office, not on the Bible or the Constitution, but with her hand on her crotch while bellowing the National Anthem.
    Roseanne-care healthcare program would also call for injecting cancer cells into Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, thus causing anyone suspected of eating there to “get the cancer”.

  4. What a joke! Obama sent SEALS to get Osama? He had already been dead for 10 years! Though this video is very entertaining and well done, it’s BULLSHIT ! Another salvo fired from the Ministry of Truth.

    Barr/Sheehan has my vote or I won’t vote at all. BOTH dems and reps are working for the CORPORATION, not the people.


  5. Sorry Roseanne, at the beginning of the year I was so excited to vote for you, finally a candidate I believed in 100%. Then the radical conservatives took over the GOP and forced me to do the usual., vote against someone by casting my vote, and since Ryan/Romney is so pro- corporations, I couldn’t vote for you. Please run again in 2016. You inspired me to run for my local library board. Namaste!