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Guest Bernadine Kent


  1. Lisa Jennings says:

    Are you serious about running for President? I am having the worst time of my life, I never knew life could be so hard.. I am an middle aged mother of three trying to survive and finding it close to impossible, I have made so many mistakes I dont know how to correct any of them, I feel like I am drowning in life.. If you were made president EVEN for one day would you take the time to help the single moms of today. I live in a Valley where you cannot get a job unless you speak spanish.. yet we live in the United States..I got so desperate, I went to a neighboring state and got a car title loan. Now this was one of my major mistakes. I have to pay almost $300 dollars a month to keep my car and ask me if my balance has gone down.. I feel like I am at the end of my rope.. Would you ban companies from these loans. God has blessed you so much.. I would give anything just to be able to breath for one day.. Days have come where I have begged God to end my life because this struggle is to hard. Would you develop a program for moms like me who have walls just closing in they have no escape. I am not a lazy woman, I would love to work but to find work is hard. I would love to move but where… IF for one day I could just breath a little I would feel blessed. Our county used to have programs where we could get assitance with our electric bill but those days are gone. I have a 900.00 electric bill just hanging out over my shoulder. Everyone takes a good look at the larger cities but what about the smaller cities where surviiving is impossible.. alot of women my age give up and turn to drugs, I just want to turn away.. IF you could be president even for one day.. would you help women like me who just want to toss in the towel. There is no help for us, and no light in the dark tunnel I turned down.. Thanks for reading

  2. Richard Bidmead says:


    I listened to your radio show and was surprised to hear so much about you being the *only* candidate speaking out against corporate interests, the military industrial complex, war on drugs, etc. Do you not see these consistencies with Jill Stein’s Green Party campaign?

    I ask because I discovered Jill through your debate with her and, from what I could tell, you both seemed to agree on essentially everything. In your realignment with the Peace and Freedom Party, has that changed? What are some key differences between you both?

    As someone who deeply supports both of your campaigns – and as someone who sees similar values within you both – I’m curious for your insights here. What differentiates you from the party you were originally seeking nomination for?

    Rock on, Roseanne.