Oaksterdam is Here! Medical Marijuana is at Stake!


  1. Otessa Regina Compton says:

    I am not advocating drugs; however, if I am terminally ill then I have the right to the drug of choice, that will NOT cause me to have an episode that would harm someone else. Please don’t get me started. There are physicians who prescribe drugs deliberately to keep a person sick, so they can come and see them visit after visit. These folks are no different than the drug pushers on the streets. The drug pushers do not advertise there drugs to heal which is the only difference. The beneficial molecules of marijuana can be isolated and manufactured to heal in SOME cases, and in other cases where a person is terminally ill, marijuana can help a person function to arrange their last affairs in order and talk to friends and family members. There are cures out there for different diseases, but the elite does not want us to have them, simply due to the New World Order related to population control and money. Over generations things sure have changed, most of the physicians are now part of the Military Industrial Complex. I do not know everything, although I try my best, I have never seen a group of doctors out on the streets holding a protest on issues to benefit humanity. Why are not physicians carrying signs in groups with other physicians? You never see that any where. Many double bill leaving health care and the economy in danger at our expense. Like I say they are now a part of the Military Industrial Complex.

  2. Way to to. Glad to see this go forward. MM is the subject of the baby boomers. If you don’t think you wish to use this medication, fine. Don’t deny it to those that are truly helped to live a better quality of life during treatment and after a diagnosis of a serious illness.
    Allow people the dignity of using whatever medication she/he and their doctor find helpful.
    Thanks Roseanne and all of the others fighting this fight.
    Tell those against this concept that paranoia is not their friend!
    Connie in North Carolina

  3. Looking forward to the meeting! Thank you for coming to Oaksterdam. I’d really love to have a quick on camera chat with you Roseanne if you have a moment after.