My Speech at Oaksterdam

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Roseanne’s appearance was threefold: She pushed for total legalization of the marijuana plant as well as donations and voters for her newly adopted political party (a push to be a Green Party candidate didn’t go so well).

“Marijuana should be totally legal,” she said. “We live in a free country, so it should be legal to smoke marijuana and drink.”

Barr is running on a ticket with antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan, who Bay Area voters may remember from her 2008 bid to unseat then-House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Her appearance in Oakland was initially scheduled to be a fundraiser at a private home, but when Oaksterdam officials found out she’d be in town, they invited her to the downtown campus of the marijuana school, one of the federal goverment’s victims in the recent crackdown on state-legal weed.

Read the rest of “Roseanne Barr And Marijuana: Former TV Star Campaigns In Oakland” on The Huffington Post…


  1. A lot of what was said is very accurate, knowing of course that special emphasis must be made to sway peoples oppinion. I don’t know that you would be successful as the president to change much though. I would be interested to see who you would appoint to the various positions the president is responsible for filling. I don’t like that pot is illegal, but Im not a pot smoker (I don’t have any reason to smoke it and plenty of reason not to.) I don’t think that total control of anything should be given to the public as a whole since that has proven to be a bad idea in the past. I think really the first thing that needs to “go” is the electoral college votes since they don’t accurately represent the desires of the people as they are supposed to. The next thing on my mind would be to stop congress from being able to “bail-out” anyone . . . . . ever. When I make a poor spending choice nobody bails me out. And with that needs to come the re-enstatement of the Glass vs Steigal Act to stop banks and major corporations from recycling their debt in the stock market into their dealings with their consumers. I don’t think the rich should have to pay for their success, but I don’t think the poor should have to pay for it either. Just a few of my thoughts. Good luck with your campaign. Everything is a learning experience and if you don’t win this time you can always try again.

  2. Well Roseanne, I’ve just filled out my absentee ballot and cast my vote for you.

    I received a DVD in the mail yesterday, Dreams from My Real Father directed by Joel Gilbert. Everyone in the world needs to see this video! it is SHOCKING to say the least and will open everyone’s eyes about Obama. Go to The guy is a lying sack of shit !!!

  3. Damn, woman, you have been my heroine since before-I-can-remember. Watching your show has always made me think of my (now deceased, far too soon) mother ‘cuz she was a lot like you and your political campaign is just beautiful and perfect. I’ve been ambivalent about voting because I love Barack, but I don’t really believe he’ll change anything…you’re a long shot, but at least I believe in the things you’re saying. And FUCK, you knew Mary Daly (another heroine of mine)…I love you. I don’t know if you really read these comments, but if you do, know that I love you, love you, love you. Thank you for existing. You’re a fucking badass.

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