My Responses to Obama’s Speech

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Obama: (@26:49): “…We believe that we are endowed with inalienable rights that
NO Government, No Man can take away from us…”
Roseanne: “Really, Mr. President? It seems that you’ve granted yourself the
power through NDAA to detain an American citizen without due process, in fact
to assassinate with impunity an American citizen that you, personally, unilaterally
deem to be a threat to our national security. This is all “Thanks to” The National
Defense Authorization Act, and I use the phrase “Thanks to” with the sarcasm it
deserves. It’s dangerous policy, and it’s utterly unprecedented. It does not speak
well of you OR our Nation. A Government that is this frightened of its own
citizens and has so little respect for due process is one on the path to being a
Police State.
Obama @ (28:50): “…And we don’t believe in bailouts for banks that break the
Roseanne: We don’t believe in ” bailouts for banks that break the rules?” Mr.
President? Well, that’s exactly what we did, and under YOUR administration
not ONE of the dishonest executives of the investment banks and lending
institutions have ever been brought to justice. Isn’t it an embarrassment that
some of them are the biggest donors to your campaign? Is it wrong for us at least
SEE the dots, even if we don’t question your integrity by connecting them? We’ve
roughly man-handled and arrested thousands of citizens for petty charges related to
standing in the vicinity of Wall St. and peacefully protesting the crimes of those who
sent our Economy into a tailspin with their illegal dealings. But, again – we haven’t
indicted a single perpetrator of those crimes during your four years in office. I call
that shameful, Sir, and I was one of your supporters.


  1. Your suggestions are very much “right on!!!” WHEW!!!

  2. Yo, Roseanne!!

    1. This event–in Santa Monica–was very worthwhile, but your staff needs to be proactive in handling trouble-makers and hecklers. You had one, on this evening–a drunk–in the right, rear of the auditorium, who needed to be escorted outside, pronto. Also, the sound-system was decidedly below-par.

    2. Also, hightly recommended would have been for the organizers to request a suggested donation (nothing high-pressue) at the entrance, then later–ALSO–move the bucket around. This way, the 400 count crowd would have generated a few grand automatically, and then a few more dollars, to boot. The bucket method alone, meant you came out with merely a few hundred, I heard.

    3. Please make full use of the dynamite slogan/tagline on the poster which was just beneath your podium, which said, “STOP THE WAR MACHINE!!” These posters, decals and bumper stickers should be ALL THE HELL OVER major cities, such as Los Angeles. I have some health issues, but am willing to be a member of the distribution team. Time to wake up, America!!!

    4. I’m not entirely clear about the status of MJ growers in S. California, but procuring one’s supply as a patient, is pretty easy, if you have a legitimate medical need, and go to the trouble to get a doctor’s recommendation and certificate (and this has meant a much better quality product). Are you aware that the L.A. City Council voted to close down all the dispensaries a couple of months ago (Scandal-ous!)…and we have since collected something like 50,000 signatures to put this on the ballot in November?



  4. Well, folks, the time has come to get off our collective asses and get into the street. Speaking of our collective asses, you can bet yours Obama or Romney will see that we get ours robbed, beaten, or killed if either is elected. I’m a new convert to Barr-Sheehan2012, recently come from the Ron Paul camp, and I gotta tell ya, this is a much better plan than any I’ve heard so far. No mealy-mouthed slick beating around the bush, just real “straight talk” with real answers to the real problems we all face today. I’m a senior on fixed income (SSI) and I am going to contribute whatever I can – time, money, whatever – to the cause because it’s the right thing to do if we don’t want to see our collective asses (again) blown to hell in every arena of our lives. So no matter who you are, what your party affiliation is, or what you planned to do this election, I politely suggest everyone do the same – that is, if you want to live happy and free. As the Barry Goldwater slogan said many years ago when he ran for president, “in your heart, you know (s)he’s right!” Go Barr-Sheehan2012!

    Peace, Love, Freedom,


  5. Debbie Watson says:

    I hope that just somehow that happens, you do become president. Unfortunately, there are far to many people who just can’t think outside the two party box. I hope no matter what, you continue to pursue political office, your voice and common sense are badly needed.

  6. Living Dead Girl Nicole says:

    Give em hell Roseanne! I love how you are for the people! You have my vote!

  7. I must admit, you called it and said it well.

  8. Deborah Breuner says:

    Dear Roseanne,

    A friend on Twitter @smartoforShua recommended that I contact you; another friend and supporter @censorednewsnow tweeted you on my behalf. I don’t want your money; your voice would be helpful in getting my message out. A message concerning all Americans; actually anyone worldwide who does business with a financial institution of any kind; anywhere.

    Your letter above is very telling as it relates to my story concerning financial institutions and Obama who is allowing and sanctioning federal crimes far more serious than Americans realize. The victims to these crimes are literally perishing in the streets; buried in paupers graves; silenced forever and the same cycle now free to attack again. The media refuses to expose this. And, its nothing less than murder committed ultimately by our government, because they puposely ignore what I’m about to share.

    I uncovered in 2004 that my trust account had been embezzled by 80M$ leaving me penniless; immediately I reported this to the proper authorities such as US AG; state AGs, FBI and multiple financial watchdogs. I added one more person to this list SCOTUS Anthony M. Kennedy who was the Esq who recommended I create a trust to protect my assets. He was my attorney from 1969-1978 handling many of my financial affairs.

    To my horror every last one of these elite professionals ignored me and today continue. What’s more when I did report this 80M$ embezzlement I was instead “Mafia Hit” with multiple more federal crimes; such as two unlawful foreclosures on two multimillion dollar homes; unlawful destruction of my fine credit; apparent information on my records to prevent either my partner Larry or my getting employment or government assistance; not that we want it. Both Larry and I have plenty of talent and ability to get employment; we just can’t and it’s become obvious to us that there’s something besides bad credit creating this.

    We have had to sell our all our belongings; a little at a time, for pennies on the dollar for money to eat. We’ve lived in our truck then finally a tent now for over two years struggling daily with trying to get the proper authorities to listen until we finally realized it wasn’t because we weren’t being heard; we were purposely being ignored until we died. This is the USA today.

    So besides not holding executives responsible for these horrendous federal crimes committed by financial institutions, I believe Obama sanctions them to steal so why wouldn’t he ignore the criminals committing these crimes?

    The only thing Larry and I have been able to do to help ourselves is write . I’ve written a four volume memoir and together we have written three scripts. My book proposal is at this moment being reviewed by four different large publishers. We’re waiting to hear from them any day. Meanwhile, we’re doing all we can to expose these unaddressed horrific crimes through articles and Twitter.

    Through Larry and my over twelve year battle which started in 1997 we’ve discovered far more crime going on which Americans are led to believe government handles; protecting us while we pay taxes for this. I’m here to tell you we’re being scammed some more. For instance our donations to charities and churches are not helping the homeless and penniless. And, Larry and I believe we know why all this mostly federal crime goes unaddressed. It’s because all the government agencies who are supposed to investigate and prosecute these federal crimes aren’t in most cases even returning your request for an investigation with anything more than an obtuse form letter.

    This means Eric Holder isn’t doing his job either. Now why would this be?

    BTW thank you for favoriting one of my tweets last night:>) But noticed this morning in my interactions that this favor had been removed? Perhaps you removed it because you don’t believe me or whatever? Or perhaps Twitter removed it not wanting my story to get out? I’ve seen this kind of corruption too. Whatever the reason it doesn’t matter. If you want me gone you can just ignore this letter. If not here are links to my articles again; (Type in”Heiress Lives In A Tent” in search)

    Thank you for your time,

    Deborah Breuner

  9. President Obama wants to point to his accomplishments in office. Trouble is, he’s having trouble identifying them.

    He killed Osama bin Laden. Was that really his call? I believe we shall thank the military.

    He’d like to say that the economy is getting better, but the slow recovery is hampering his ability to sell that idea to the public. He likes to say that he saved General Motors and Chrysler; his critics argue that he really spent $23 billion of taxpayers’ money to force the companies into bankruptcy and save the United Auto Workers Union. The president also has tried to claim that federal spending was increasing more slowly on his watch than in any presidency in 60 years, but the data don’t bear out that narrative.

    Obama has done was he is capable of doing which is nothing.

    What has he done for the people ? Nothing. I call BS on everything he has promised the American citizen. Making us pay a fee if we can not afford healthcare, is, infact, not helping the American citizen.

  10. I remember the night Obama won the election of 2008. I was also running for a position on the ballot, relection to the IV Recreation and Parks Department and I and a few other politicos runing for office were celebrating at Woodstock’s Pizza on the loop in Isla Vista, the housing community of UCSB. As we sat there partying, word hit the street that Obama had been declared the elected winner less than 4 hours after the polls closed.
    As we sat and watched the joy and disbelief spill out onto the street, a brand new, Sunshine Yellow VW bug drove by, with sunroof open, and a drunken sorority girl was standing up in the car and screaming out to anyone within hearing distance “Obama Your Daddy Now!” The people in the steets and on the sidewalks grinned from ear to ear and made noise to let her know we all were so excited about how our future would change with Obama’s promises of a new tomarrow.
    It had been a hard fought night. My and my slate had lost our bid for election. I was glad about it, being the unhappy incumbant, but I felt bad for my co-slaters who had worked hard and looked forward to being elected.
    “Obama Your Daddy Now!” 4 years later I see how right the drunken girl was. Obama as daddy is a strict task master. In every way our efforts have tharwted growth in our country. We believed he would do the right thing. From bringing the homeless indoors, or to at least decriminalize the act of falling asleep, while watching millions of Americans lose their homes after losing their jobs, we knew the tall man from Kenya would save us. Oprah had promised us such a thing! To watch children show up at school dirty from sleepin in their clothes in the bushes or under a car or a bridge with mom and dad staying awake to watch over them, and the children knowing if they cry from hunger in school, they will not be met with compassion and food, but with anger towards the parent who was unable to feed and clean their for it’s day. More than likely CPS would be called or many times I would see a 7 year old unable to hold back tears as the school principal or nurse frowned at them for being not good enough.
    Obama’s America is a land of tears. Tears of hunger, tears of frustration, tears of torn worn clothing and shoes with holes in them. Tears while watching your car being towed away forever and that is where you and your children or dog sleep. Tears when tougher stronger people rob you of your posessions or your electricity or social security checks. Like the prophetic Tracy Chapman song the police show up 5 hours later, if they come at all. You are told to file a report on line, and no one bothers to ask you what the robber looked like, calling the robbery, or any other crime not involving blood letting a civil matter. When you go to social media and tell your story of being robbed, or hungry, or poor there is no compassion. Indeed people turn away because they do not want to hear it. They do not want to hear it becasue the next day it may be them who become homeless, all possessions gone, even the ability to communicate with your remaining friends, the ones online who are people you don’t really even know.
    There are few jobs for college graduates. Over 60% must return to live with their parents, if they have room to take them in. Vets, coming back from one of 5 wars also face dire circumstances. After World War 2, thanks to FDR’s policies, Truman’s promise and Eisenhower’s 90% tax on the rich, a true America for the middle class was finally concieved and built. All Vets were given the chance to buy a house for a dollar down. They were trained in trade schools to work in construction to build those millions of houses all over the country and to build an international highway system so we could see the USA in or Chevrolets which were also built by American labor. Not a dream. The real Deal.
    I was born in the 1940s, raised in the 1950s in the suburbs of Los Angeles as a litte city child of an uneducated migrant child who worked in the fields starting at age 5, and an orphen from show biz varity folk who had no time for her, ny parents grew up, married at age 18, Daddy going to storm the beaches at Normandy, and surviving, the vet came home to his wife and baby and was turned into a Unionized Plumber, they bore 4 children and as one of their children, my life was sweet. It was filled with laughter, light, love, and vacations with my family to nearby mountains, movie sets, Corginville, and the only chip in the armor was the fact that my parents couldn’t afford to send any of us girls to college nor trade school. As a woman i was expected to find a man and marry him and he was to support me while I had his children and made his dinner. This was a woman’s life in the late 1960s if you were middle class.
    As a generation we heard about the Holocaust in 11th grade, and about Vietnam in 12th grade, when some of our male classmates dissappeared only to have their photos show up on our high school administration walls, as heros, who gave the untimate price for our freedom, with the expectation we would too.
    The Viet Nam war divided and destroyed my generation and our families all over America. Hippies vs Vets. Stories of spitting, stories of Infiltrators starting riots. Hippies being targeted as no good lazy, sex addicts who rather make love than find jobs or take showers. President Regan’s closing the mental hospitals and turning lose the first of the mentally bankrupt homeless, a lost generation lose on the streets of America was not lost on the religious straight and narrow do gooders who believed Church and God was the path to a good future.
    Unable t afford college nor find a job, I starved and played and surfed and during the riots protesting the Viet Nam war, I was shot and slightly wounded during a protest turned riot at UCSB’s Isla Vista. The next night I lay in the dark under a big window, with national guard inches away from my face, turning to look into the window every few minutes for hours, while discussing the murder of a college student, who had been standing alive next to me minutes before being shot and killed. Kevin Moran was murdered by Officer Joel Honey, a police supervisor who showed up for the riots with an ancient weapon of an iron ball with spikes on it, attached to a chain, and who shot Kevin Moran from the back of a dump truck and later blamed it on a sniper. It was hard to tell what had happened, for the only time in American History, Governor Regan had ordered the public airwaves of UCSB radio station to stop broadcasting for a few hours, so the rioting students would not know the position of the police who were armed and driving into our little town, shooting people with buck shot, tossing pepper spray grenades into apartments and raping more than 4 women when they were not able to lock their front doors fast enough against the intruding police and national guard from down south..
    For me, this was the day our country’s government died. A plaque was put up at the bank where Kevin Moran died. His hometown built a park in his honor, for fighting the hippies and trying to save the bank and the good life we all still believed we enjoyed in this country that cold April 17th day in 1971. Kevin was murdered by the police for going outside and trying to find his room mate and bring her home safely, as the student president of UCSB had emplored the students who had loved ones out in the streets, moments before Governor Regan ordered the radio station to go dark. It was the beginning of the end of our America as we knew and loved it.
    Over the next 40 years, more or less the government figured out ways to take away the small amount of money, and our middle class FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy allowed us to grow up and believe in. Student loans became available for just your signature! Unbelieveable! Sign your name on the line, bring home at least a C and every year the government would give you about 4K in grants and another 8 or 9 K in loans. At 18 We were adults, no cosigners were needed, even thoough a generation before, college had been free to all who had the grades to get in. In order for our parents to be off the payback hook, they simply had to remove us from their household taxes as deductions. We were on our own. Of course we fell in love and got married and some of us had babies, but we had no health insurance save what we got at school, and many families became homeless after mom and dad graduated and no more school loan money was coming in and neigher was a job. Families of little kids and mom and dads who had always had a home began sleeping in the parks. It was hard to look in these children’s faces. It was even harder to look in their parent’s faces. This would never do, the Bush years decided, so sleeping in parks between sundown and sunup was made illegal and the infraction was renamed illegal camping, an arrestable offence which could cost you your children. Bar be Ques were taken out so no food could be cooked. drinking fountains were turned off, benches were removed, and Moms and Dads with their B.A. college degrees were hard pressed to figure out where to lay their children down to safely sleep at night.
    The answer was right in front of them of course. Those houses their vetern dad’s had been allowed to buy for a dollar down and had 30 year mortages on them with payments of $70 a month for 30 years. These houses by now had been paid off and were full of empty bedrooms once housing the dreams of the now grown children.
    Over the next few years, one or the other of the parents born in the 1920s passed away. Or perhaps through advertising they were convinced they wanted a life in a retirement community, with people their own age who didn’t need money and fun things to do with other Vets and wives. They were offered much more money than they paid for their houses by the banks to sell them and move into a smaller place with no room for the kids and grandkids. We still had motor courts and cheap hotels in those days. No problem, rent the kids a room when they came to visit for a week for $50 or $60 for the week. It even came with a swimming pool! By the time the government figured out that grandma and grandpa and maybe the kids as well had figured out selling ones home out from under themselves was not the wisest thing to do, they came up with another scheme. Reverse Mortages, and even more available student loans and city colleges. A reverse mortage is where the bank pays you a few hundred dollars a month to supplement your social security retirement payment, and you are allowed to remain in your house until you die, as is any remaining children who may live with you. Their children would be kicked out after you died, but it wouldn’t matter, you would be gone, and you still beieved in the American dream. The kids could get jobs and cheap housing like you did and be all right. Yes, the kids would be all right and the oldsters could start living the good life, the reward for being good little soldiers and workers for the USA
    No need to move, little mama. You have a disabled child or a poor child or grandchildren living with you? You need money! Just sign here and we will send you $500 a month until you die and you can remain in your dollar down house until that day as well. The grandparents, who had not starved since they were little kids working in the fields for a dollar a day for a 100 pounds of cotton and no schooling felt the pinch. There were rumors of the elderly having to live on dog food. They were sure something would turn up for their adult children. They signed on the line, and hit the grocery store and gassed up the car.
    Today, many of our elderly mothers and fathers are dead and gone. Their grown children, whom for what ever reason were unable to find work, or social security or food stamps are thrown out by the bank who now owns your house, into the streets or the park, where it is illegal to fall asleep, in California anyway. It does not take long there for the men to be robbed and the women to be raped. There are no showers available on the sidewalks. Their deaths from illness, filth, hunger, weather, and being beat and robbed comes not 2 long after, unless they manage to find a vehicle to live in with other like minded adults in survival mode. In some states they are deep in the woods in tent cities, also illegal but it is unknown what to do with these seemingly disposable adults which are a drain on our modern society. Unable to work due to lack of education, poor health, no transportation, no nice clothing, their America is not the place of dreams and freedoms their parents knew briefly in the 1950s to the 1070s if they were in the right place at the right time. I was born in 1949. My generation is dying. Our parents, are living into their 80s and 90s. They still have their union pentions, their social security from living in a time where work was plentiful and our boarders were secure. People were not crossing the boarders and compeating for our jobs. We outsourced. Then it was discovered if the prisons were privitized, like in Germany during world war two, we could make products for ever so much cheaper and no shipping overseas costs. The people who crossed the boarders for jobs now crossed the boarders to bring over drugs Americans craved. Our Medical Marijuana. Many many people die every day over these drug wars.
    This is the America I live in now. I have a BA, an AA and an AS. I have no family, no children, and cannot move to another better place to live because most rentals will not allow dogs and cats and I refuse to kill my dog and my cat to have better or any for that matter, housing.
    We can turn this around with the correct canidate. I do not believe the Kenyan any more. He is a war starter, drone killer who does not recognise there are people dying on the sidewalks across the street from the White house. He must see them there, when he takes his dog Beau out for his nightly walk. If this country still has an iota of justice for all, we need to find a way to make all of our American lives worth the same as any other. Open the privitized prisons. Reorganize the Unions. Pay a living wage. Get rid of student loan debt, making education free as Eisonhower and FDR invisioned it. Do not throw our elderly in the streets where they are beaten and robbed and starved into graves or worse yet, rot into the ground with people passing near by and no one stopping to investigate a foul smell.
    My reaction to Obama’s speech, and Romney’s for that matter as well, is nothing. They told me nothing to improve my life or to save my life. I am expendable to them. I did every thing right. I was a girl scout. I got good grades. I married. I went to college when I finally could afford it and I honored my parents and I send them gifts when I can and the gift of a phone call and my love almost daily.
    We need a new president. We need a new political party. We need a woman in the White House as POTUS We need Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan.
    I may not live to see the change happen in this, my USA but one thing is for sure in this country, and any other reality, and that is change. Like it or not, we can all spare some change. The biggest change we can spare is the re election of a man who has taken away our personal rights to not be stopped, questioned, drug tested, and arrested and held without charges or bail on the one hand, and no police protection if your expendible on the other.
    We also don’t need Willard Mitt Romney, a man who came from a polygamy cult in Mexico, who put his dog on top of the car for 12 hours, scaring it shitless. It is time for a female president. It is time for Roseanne Barr. It is time to legalize Marijuana and tax it. California made billions in sales tax of medical marijuana these last few years before the feds shut down the dispensaries. The federal government is afraid of self supporting states. They are frightened we don’t need them and that they are in danger of being thought of as expendible by We The People. which is the truth. We do not need the feds.
    I believe Barr/Sheehan will do the following for us and I also believe it will be a cold day in hell before the other canidates running for POTUS will do the same.
    1. legalize marijuana
    2. legalize camping/sleeping, and go to work imediately opening up empty housing and buildings for people to live and sleep. Indoors first, showers, food, and then jobs. Children need to be indoors first.
    3. Provide food for students and their families and require all schools to grow food gardens and teach the children how to plant, gather, and prepare food for themselves and their community as part of their education. If they have room in their home enviroment for a garden have them grow food there as well.
    4. disolve student debt, and stop people from losing their housing over not being able to pay their mortages which were fixed from the start to make the buyers lose their homes.
    5. bring all troops home and no more war outside our boarders while protecting our people and our boarders from our side of the boarders. Let the rest of the world kill each other if they wish. No more war for citzens of the USA and no more profiting from selling weapons of war.
    6. Close all military weapons factories and do not sell any weapons outside of the US nor to any non citizen. Also no automatic weapons to the private sector. Close all military bases outside our boarders and bring our troops home to protect our boarders and help repair empty housing for all homeless.
    7. Close the privitized prisons now, and make the prisons trade schools and colleges with access for prisoners to job training and psychological testing to see if they are safe to roam free in society, and if not provide safe and sane housing and counsuling for the unreleaseable. Do not release pedofiles nor murderers. period.
    8, Upgrade elementary school students text books to reflect todays society and train them up to be good kind respectful workers who can get along on team projects, and teach them self defense and how to keep each other safe. Allow all access at any time to all parents of children to check on their well being to make sure they are not being abused at school.
    9. Allow all renters to have a pets in order to teach them how to love and care for the smaller among us and to make them kinder people and to keep animals from being put to sleep. Also spay and nuter all pets.
    10. No more refusal to vote. A non voter’s vote shall be given to their declared political party, or equally divided between the canidates. A non voter must perform 100 hours of community service for refusing to take part in our democratic process.
    11. Place “None of the Above” on all ballots. If “None of the Above” wins, all canidates are to be taken off the ballot and a new special election, with diffrent canidates shall be held within 90 days.
    12. Eliminate the electoral college. One vote. One person. Give the vote back to felons who have served their terms and are free again to have a normal life.
    OK my response is too long I know. It is what I believe though and the changes I believe need to happen if this counrty of ours is to survive, and if we are once again to prosper, with laughter in our homes and love in our hearts, not simply dispair. Thanks for the oppertunity to speak my mind.
    “Obama your Daddy now,!” Oh how excited we all were that night hearing that young sweet blonde girl screaming out the top of her nice car. If I only knew then what I know now of how much my world would change under Obama’s care I would have wept for sorrow not for joy. How my schooling would bottom out, how my dreams would fold with no job and costly student loans, and how my park would dies with no water to feed the pond we built after the riots in the Regan years. I still have faith but very little, but if we all wake up and wise up we can be the change our parents expected us to be. Thank you for this forum to speak my mind. Obama and Romney Suck. Vote BarrSheenan Thankyou for providing this forum