Meet me and Jackie at The Abbey in West Hollywood Tonight

Come meet me at Jackie Beat’s Mascara Mondays at the Abbey on September 24th @ 9:00 PM!


  1. Roseanne and Jackie are both creative geniuses who generate real magic when they come together.

  2. Otessa Regina Compton says:

    First of all let me preface by saying that Roseanne would not think exactly like me and I would not think exactly like Roseanne, no two people have exactly the same finger prints. I am a person that really and truly does not care for any political party. On the subject of Roseanne, let us face reality, she has over come odds and obstacles. She is a person who is deep thinking, intelligent, and perceptive and this is absolutely no laughing matter, when our lives are constantly being in danger in one form or another. This person known as Roseanne has the courage to see it like it is and tell it like it is. Roseanne is not just some flash and trash celebrity, in fact she is no celebrity, but an every day person like us, who for one has the vision to see and interpret what is taking place. I wish that people would take her example and become studious and do their research. She is a prime example of balancing entertainment with intensive study. One message from my point of view that she has “sent” to me, and I have concluded is that every leader of the world is abusing his or her own people. Why does not the population see this? Roseanne may be laughing on the outside, but watch out on the inside she is constantly observing and taking it all in, I do not know her, but this is how I feel. At any rate, we can be proud of Beloved Roseanne for speaking!

  3. Hi Roseanne:

    Any chance you will be in Michigan on Saturday, Dec 1st? The mid-Michigan Gay and Lesbian non-profit organization, Perceptions, will be hosting our 10th Annual Holiday Gala, with our fund-raising proceeds going to the USO’s Wounded Warrior Program. It would be way cool if you could attend. How ’bout it?

    Big Fan,

  4. Lisa Bockenstedt says:

    Why are you not coming to your home state Iowa?!?!? Come home hunny and tell ppl your message! Also you rly should be touring the US! Finally someone is speaking about the real issues but she is not touring?! <3

    • Lisa Bockenstedt says:

      Oh my bad it was Toms home state? lol I have a brain injury and lost a lot of my memory, I was just corrected. But still come to Iowa!!!

  5. Otessa Regina Compton says:

    The reason this planet of ours is in the tragic, sinful, and worse than nightmare that it is in, is because we have left our HEAVENLY FATHER YAHVEH. WE INDEED MUST REPENT AND RETURN TO THE TORAH. We have tried every way, except for the Ten Commandments. Capitalism and Socialism on a practical basis do not follow the Ten Commandments. We should follow the way of Yahveh. As for me, I am not counting on any politician, but looking forward to the return of YESHUAH HO MESSIAH (CHRIST).

    • Yet another Bible-beater who refuses to recognize and acknowledge that more acts of atrocity are committed “in the name of God” than for any other reason in the history of mankind.

      If, Otessa, religion is truly the answer, why do those on the extreme right wing of the American political system tout their Christianity and shove their beliefs down others’ throats while simultaneously ignoring the most important Biblical lessons – like Christ’s most fundamental tenet, “I am my brother’s keeper”?

      Last time I checked, those most likely to try to impose their beliefs on others are also the most likely to support invading sovereign nations and killing its innocent citizens for no reason other than having a different belief system.

      “You Shall Not Murder” doesn’t have an asterisk beside it indicating that murdering people who don’t believe as you do is A-OK with your “Father”, “Son” and “Holy Ghost”. Hop down off your self-righteous high horse, Otessa. Not everyone’s moral compass points toward “your heaven”. There are far more crimes against humanity committed by those with a self-proclaimed belief in your “God” than have every been committed by those who claim no belief in a deity at all.

      “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” – Matthew 7:5

      “Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” – Mark 7:7