Internet Addiction Pictured by Roseanne in 1996

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  1. Hey Roseanne I was wondering do you ever get tired of answering fan questions about your sitcom which by the way is so groundbreaking, I wish I would be able to have went to a taping of it back then, but I was wondering the things you kept from the show is it just in storage somewhere or do you have it displayed in your home?

  2. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    […] When she participates with the 9th USA Parliament, of which she was elected president, she is participating in a mathematical way. For example, she ranked the planks on the platform correctly and so we
    were able to elect 13 planks.

    The problem between her and Cindy can be solved through ranked choice voting in a mathematical way. I’ve already emailed her this morning several suggestions on how to do that, and maybe she’ll use my ideas? You too, can post mathematical solutions/ideas on her twitter, facebook or on
    front page or old political forum linked in the top nav bar where she sometimes blogs.

    Meanwhile, my take on this is, the parliament is about the team, the team, the team. Sure different people play different roles, but team psychology isn’t about ONE person. For example, a loss shouldn’t be blamed on a poor quarterback. In fact, when down one point with ten seconds left, a different team player like a field goal kicker can come in and win the game.

    So, rather than complain about her, ask yourself “what can I (meaning you) do to help the team?”

    The 9th USA Parliament is 626 elected MPs, of whom both Roseanne and Cindy are two. We’re building our team for the future. And we’re all like coaches. Maybe you’re not familiar with team psychology? Or maybe you don’t know how to coach? I do, and I know that we have to build our own team – practice, practice, practice … RCV, RCV, RCV … the team, the team, the team.

    I can help you become a “coach” too, if you want to join the team. You go to the parliament’s sign up tab and sign up. We’ll give you just about any position you want on the national, state or county level, in any region(s) you’d like to participate.

    We as coaches have to work together to rotate the best players in and out so we’ll have talented fresh players with “hot hands”.

    To move ahead, try to encourage both Roseanne and Cindy to work like a team and base their decisions on ranked choice voting (RCV) in multi-winner districts of two or more. They need to rank and vote on many items in the USA Parliament in order to start uniting people and working together. When you have two “prima donnas” who don’t have a way to coordinate, that’s what causes the dysfunctions. By incorporating team work, voting and thinking as a team, you get bigger and better.

    The biggest problem is that we’re too slow, too small and our numbers are being rapidly diminished. It’s like Normandy Beach, and the two-party system is the “concrete bunkers”.

    Every second, every minute is a big deal. At current pace, according to my calculations, “Battle of the Bulge” is 175,000 years in the future.

    If Roseanne and Cindy can’t help coordinate left and right wings and a large center that can work in a coordinated manner, it’s up to us. Remember, on Normandy Beach, many of our leaders are dead at the gate or dead in the water. It’s up to us to unite, we can’t wait for them to do everything.

  3. Emily Guerrero says:

    If you were to win you would be the first Jewess to make office aside from being the first woman. Do you the thing Jehovah has given you this opportunity, starting with your comedy, as a way to make yourself known as just a regular person, a person of the people, to direct us into the new Presidency, if not this term, but definitely the next?