Greg Palast’s “Billionaires and Bandits” New York Times Best Seller


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  1. Otessa Regina Compton says:

    One show I hold in high esteem is the http://www.CoastToCoastAM.Com with George Noory. These so called conservative talk show hosts and hostesses leave out so many bits and pieces that WE NEED TO KNOW. For one how about studying the Reptilian Agenda, LOSTS, and Agenda 21, not to forget a must Genealogy of these people who make our laws. You may not agree on every topic George Noory has on his shows, but one things you will without doubt have to agree, each topic is taken under a microscope. What in the world are we getting excited about, Obama and Romney are a part of the Illuminati, putting on a stage performance that WE WILL NEVER FORGET, AND I MEAN JUST THAT NEVER FORGET. I never hear of any of these talk show hosts and hostesses ever study anyone’s genealogy. They keep beating around the bush and never really focus on the truth regardless of their political persuasion. One thing for our Roseanne she does study and shows courage.