Come to Oakland September 27

The Political Future of Medical Marijuana

Townhall Meeting with 2012 Peace and Freedom Party Presidential Candidate Roseanne Barr, “Ganga Guru” Ed Rosenthall, ’08 Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney, and Peace and Freedom Party Vice Presidential Candidate Cindy Sheehan.

Thursday, 27 September – 6:30-8:30pm

Oaksterdam University
1600 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

$20 Admission/Donation – Candidates Mary McIIroy in the 9th Senate District and Gene Ruyle in the 15th State House District will also be sharing a few words 

Also featuring live art by Black Diamonds Shining Art Collective and Edibles by Mrs. Parker


  1. Lauren Vazquez says:

    This is so cool. Thanks for supporting Oaksterdam and medical cannabis. I can’t wait to see you tonight!

  2. Props for supporting the coming Drug Peace Era so strongly, Roseanne. Some visitors to my site said you sent them. I’m honored that you know about my new book TOO HIGH TO FAIL and I hope you and your fans (besides me) find it useful. Info:

  3. I am, 51,female, heavy, agnostic, 420 advocate, non-conservative, artistic, and was, a single mother, now a caregiver, to my ailing father. Good luck finding me a roll model. OH WAIT…ROSEANNE!

    I have loved you, since your early day’s on Carson, your stand up, your sit-com, your “rough” years, with T.A., and now, into your new life, on the island, with your love and family.

    To understand, some of what you’ve been through, and to see how you’ve continued to fight, speak up, and do what YOU, know is right, despite, mass objections. I have a roll model!

    Life, really isn’t about what happens to us, it’s how we take it and what we do with it.

    I thank you, Roseanne, for being that for me. I don’t “worship” you, I admire your tenacity, persistence and undying will, to ALWAYS, try and make it better. And if they don’t agree..FUCK’EM!

    I look forward, to the new season on “Roseanne’s Nut’s”

    Sending you, all the positive energy I can muster and your strength, is mine!

    “Swim through the smallest wave”

    Much love, Karen.

  4. Seth Matrisciano says:

    this is going to be fucking awesome.