Why I’m Running for President

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  1. Seriously what qualifys her to run for president. You might not think that obama is doing a good job u might also hate politicians but our current president Obama is doing the best job he can and i think that you running for president is a joke because although i do believe in the same things as you. your main focus has to be our economy everything else can and has to wait.

    • Are you so short-sighted that you don’t understand that the economy is dependent upon the health & function of every other system? As healthcare goes, so goes the economy. As unemployment goes, so goes the economy. As education goes, so goes the economy.

      So… you see, Elizabeth, what qualiFIES Roseanne to run for President is that she understands the correlation between all our other systems and the economy. She understands that unless people have healthy food to eat, there is no economy. If people aren’t put back to work doing an honest job for an honest wage, there is no economy. If only a handful of people control more than 90% of this nation’s wealth, there IS NO ECONOMY. It’s fake. It’s a mirage. It’s not real.

      Unlike you, Elizabeth, Roseanne and those who support her understand that you cannot simply focus on ONE thing as President. A President does not have the luxury of focusing on a single issue at a time. A President must understand the big picture. A President must understand the correlation between unemployment, the reduction in incoming revenue and the increasing deficits that result. A President must understand that until the playing field for everyone, at every level and in every societal institution has been leveled, everything else has to wait – because nothing else matters.

      Often problems within one social construct aren’t caused by it, but by something happening elsewhere that may seem unrelated. It is a small mind that refuses to accept that in order to solve our problems, we must first understand what caused them… and that those causes may come from outside the broken system you’re attempting to fix. It’s like trying to treat cancer without first knowing what kind of cancer it is or even where it originated… you’ll kill the patient with the treatment faster than the cancer would have done the job.

      Small minds and a failure to recognize those all important correlations are to blame for how we got here…