What is your horse’s name?

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  1. Dee Williams says:

    When I was young I daydreamed of having horses. Always wanted to name mine “WildFire” because I loved the song from way back….I dreamed of riding off into the sunset, free as a bird on a horse called wildfire. Peace & Freedom were my thoughts even then.
    I thought Mitts horse might have been named “Another high $ whore” after himself! Ha!

    Barr/Sheehan 2012

  2. Let’s hope Romney’s and their poor abused dressage horses are not at the White House – no where near the White House either! Where do people think the money from some of their familes off-shore accounts came from?

    A few nights ago I did an interview on a program on the Romney family. I have known some of the Romney family members for several decades, and aware of corruption they have been involved with along with my former husband. On my blog “The Real Mitt Romney the Weather-Vane Candidate” is a copy of the interview I did, along with several documents and photos placed just prior to the interview. Mitt Romney must be blocked from the Oval Office, hopefully people who will be attending the RNC will be able to challenge Romney and remove him as a nominee.

    Marshall interviewed Richard Gilbert, Ron Paul’s attorney suing Romney and fighting to unbind RNC delegates. Marshall interviewed Gilbert the day the judge reached his decision a week or so ago. Gilbert explained on Marshall’s show the meaning of the judges decision.

    This is a personally painful story for me to share with the public, but one which is necessary.

    The Real Mitt Romney the Weather-Vane Candidate.

    Mr. Gilbert echo’s the phrased I often have posted: Romney will be a worst scandal than Watergate – far worst than Nixon ever dreamed of being.