Vote for Me 2012

Looking for a third choice come November? Well, Roseanne Barr is running for president, and she’s got a message for anyone hoping to ‘get something back for your taxes.’ Vote for Me 2012


  1. First of all, I want to commend you for having the balls to even say you want to run for president. I know that if you were to win you would need an army of people, intelligent enough for the daunting task of putting this crippled nation back together, to literally take over all of the current positions that are now being held by the current legislation. I sincerely regret the fact that our government is so corrupt it would take much more than one person, even if that person was the president, to make even the slightest change in favor of the American people. This corruption has been building since Kennedy was murdered and the governments and industries of the world have been lining each others pockets more and more and taking care of the people that take care of them, via taxes, less and less. The past four years should have shown the nation the presidency now consist of a puppet, a yes man, and a hollywood type personality all rolled into one that is just there as a facad to the true rulers of the nation. Those before Obama were involved in the corruption before they took oath and Obama was just another smoke and mirror act to appease the people of this nation while all of the agendas still happened, but now things are getting out of hand because more and more of the citizens are becoming aware. OK… stopping myself… sorry for the rant….You have my blessing Roseanne. thanks, KD

  2. Go Roseanne! And good luck to you dealing with the plague which is the billionaires club when you win.

    What is it with the GOP anyway? Republicans oppose laws that conserve the environment, improve education, or create jobs. They support laws that make billionaires richer. They don’t pretend to care about the middle class, much less the poor. They don’t care if their words sound stupid, cruel, or even full-blown wackadoo. They wave the flag. And the billionaires who fund the flag-waving?

    I found the list of billionaires on the Forbes web site. I looked at their faces, the number of billions they control, and their nationalities. I wondered. Why does someone with twenty billion dollars want thirty? Why doesn’t he want clean air, clean water, and an educated, prosperous citizenry? Why does it work for him to let his own country’s economy crumble?

    Then it came to me. The GOP sounds stupid, cruel, and insane because there is NO GOOD WAY to explain to the American people that their mission is to keep our billionaires in the same yacht club as the drug cartel guys, the Saudi princes, the Russian mob, and the rest of the billionaires on that list. Billionaires do business together. They socialize. Their Hong Kong apartments are in the same buildings. They watch each other. They compete with each other. For American billionaires, the GOP is their bitch.

    What about kings and presidents and dictators? If they aren’t on the billionaires list, they serve someone who is. “Business” people are the wealthiest, most powerful people on the planet. It isn’t about owning golden Cadillacs. It’s about the power to crush or manage their competitors, and to prevent their competitors from crushing or managing them. The GOP makes sure our billionaires can stand up to the rest of the world’s billionaires. It is the price of manipulating the balance of power among nations. Here’s how.

    First, the nation’s wealth is concentrated into billionaire hands by systematically stripping it from millions of individual people like me and you, and by being the first to exploit new resources. But it’s hard work. It takes a lot of smart, ruthless, expensive people, and many more want in as the profitability and technique of these schemes are found out. Also, this alone it isn’t enough.

    So second, billionaires invest in laws that make wealth concentration easier by hiring enough government and government-adjacent suits to keep wealth flowing in the right direction. Wrenching billions of dollars out of our nation’s economy is brutal business. Everyone sees how it affects the rest of us now, so the GOP no longer has to pretend.

    Billionaires know how to yank the world’s wealth up from where it can be found to where they need it to be. They keep their jets fueled in case they go too far. And you know corporations are billionaire people too. Republicans make sure nothing stands in their way. This is why the GOP waves the flag so vigorously. It’s no joke. They don’t want the Colombian billionaire or the Chinese billionaire to be the boss of them.

    Maybe if YOU subvert the GOP things can be different.

  3. You already have my VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. We need you on facebook! To help spread the word! :)

  5. yayyyy! bout fuckin time!! you have my vote

  6. karen mc cabe says:

    I’ll write you in. The country needs “sanity”.

  7. If you really wanna get a leg up on the Head political parties, you should join in the presidential debates that begin in a few months.

  8. Stella Brown says:

    When I heard Roseanne was running for president it made me want to registar to vote. I love Rosie! I wish you all the luck!

  9. Emily Sartin says:

    I’ll be rooting for Roseanne. Do you know what kind of fucking awesome place this would be if we had a president with common sense? Come on people! It’s not even about her being a woman or not being ‘political’ enough, it’s the fact that she has a campaign for everything that we are begging for from the government and not receiving! Our world would be flipped upside down (in a good way) if somebody could set shit straight in there. Gays would have rights, women would have rights, EVERYBODY would have rights. The only people with true freedom and rights are the egotistical jackasses running the United States. We need this woman to be president. Seriously.

    • You place far too much power and hope in the position of president. Even if Roseanne were to win, it would still be the same as it ever was.

      • Stella Brown says:

        Bullshit! If Roseanne would win I believe that she would make a change. She knows what it is like to be poor. ROSEANNE 2013

  10. Roseanne, I loved the roast, but I thought there were to many fat jokes about you. You look so great!!!! I hope they bring your reality show back on, ‘Roseanne’s nuts’ I loved that show, and I’m not a reality lover, but did love that show.Very funny!!

    Good luck, and thank you for making me laugh so hard watching the Roseanne show, and the nut show.



  11. I just started watching your roast – watching you say that you wanted to be famous made me fall in love. You validate every one of us, you minxy trailblazer you, love you!!!

  12. Shes got my vote! Better than the 2 jackasses we are suppose to decide between. Maybe she could make a change and kick congress in the balls!

  13. be unlike other candidates and have your platform on ALL ISSUES up front, comprehensive and easy to find on your site. Then Ill consider voting for you instead of writing myself in. Hugs.

  14. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I love u for never telling us bullshit.

  15. charlie wenger says:

    Barr let’s Roll Lit’s play,what do you see? you first; believes American citizens have been “bamboozled and hoodwinked” by the government, which she said is “owned by bankers.”
    I see;Patent Medicines Preying on Ignorance
    What do you see ?;Barr previously campaigned for the Green Party nomination. She lost to Jill Stein, a Harvard-trained physician.
    what do you see?I see;Is there no physician’s working in America?
    Jeremiah 8:22 God Asking ;The New USA,
    Version .
    Is there no balm ( medicine) in America ?
    NO we don’t balm any more. We have man made drug’s(patented drug’s)designed to simulate medicine.
    Is there no physician there?
    There is no physician’s working in America; All we have are Doctors. They have a licences . So They can fake it: to accomplish by trial and error or by improvising: pretend that they are right because they know that the admission of uncertainty and weakness is a career killer. The doctor with the reputed cure for cancer proved to be a fake. He did not try to deceive or cheat ,he can only do what they learned at school. It’s a job.(away to make money). No doctor’s ,are with the reputed cure for anything . [1]physicians ; A particularly clear expression of this world view, currently dominant among conventional physicians, is evidence-based medicine. Within conventional Western medicine, most physicians still pay heed to their ancient traditions.
    Why then is there no healing for the wound of my people? New Living Translation Is ane’t No Money ln Healing…
    That’s how you play ,it’s fun to open your Eye’s and tell Barr what you see.Try it :)

  16. Roseannne u have taken me from watching u in ur TV life while giving me something to hold to; watched u while being a single mom; waiting for your show to air n take me with you for 30 minutes a week. Those were the days.
    I’ve followed u, like so many others n love u. I read everything I can about you. I watched u on Piers Morgan, David letterman n i commend u. I watched ur show filmed in Hawaii. My kids love u. We all do! We watched each episode countless times. The show needs to come back. I love your family, Johnny and most of all your will n strength to get mentally healthy. Last month I almost lost my daughter to a suicide attempt. I sat by her bed m prayed. Ur my inspiration n i love u. Tomorrow is my 56th birthday. My only wish is that I hope this finds it’s way to u. I’m a nurse in Colorado. I’m a humanitarian. I’m one of ur fans. And u mean the world to me. Peace

  17. Roseanne I admire you for your strength, your quick wit, your boldness, your directness and honesty and constructing your own highway through life. I have to say I admire your courage for attempting this campaign. But the Presidency, not to say you could do any worse and God knows we need a new breed of politician in oval office but the Presidency? There isn’t one that hasn’t compromised their character or sold their soul once they have made it to the oval office. Some have sold their soul before the got there and some didn’t posses any character. I don’t know what kind of person it would take to maintain their integrity, resolve our economic woes and keep the gap between the rich, middle-class and poor from growing larger. I also have to ask is this a joke come on you have to expect that don’t you? What actual plans can you relate that would resolve issue like immigration (illegals), jobs contracting out of this country and jobs that are contracted to foreigners within this country. You do know that Globalization and WTO are the result of jobs being taken out of this country and how would you address that? How would address health care for the aged, social security issues? How would you respond to national threats from hostile countries? Just a few questions and would like to hear some serious answers.

    • Boy Dian I could not have said it better myself. I have the same concerns as you mentioned and I really would like to hear Roseanne’s responses. Like many have said, she really couldn’t do any worse than the candidates that are running for President. I also wish Roseanne’s Nuts would get picked up, I REALLY enjoyed the show. Also, my heart was saddened when Phyllis Diller passed away. That was one of my favorite episodes when Phyllis and Sandra visited Roseanne. Since I cannot vote for the “lesserof two evils” I will be writing Roseanne in at the polls.