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The Peace and Freedom Party is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. We represent the working class, those without capital in a capitalist society. We organize toward a world where cooperation replaces competition, a world where all people are well fed, clothed and housed; where all women and men have equal status; where all individuals may freely endeavor to fulfill their own talents and desires; a world of freedom and peace where every community retains its cultural integrity and lives with all others in harmony.

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  1. James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    Press Release: US Parliament
    Sunday, 26, August 2012 Day to Day Update 8/26/2012

    Office of the 1st Secretary: James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    (Carmel Valley, California)
    (415) 686-1996


    1. Commentary by 1st Secretary James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    2. Twelve National Full and Deputy Cabinet Ministers Elected
    3. Twenty-one National Platform Planks Elected
    4. Iowa Mini-state Parliament (ss8-8)
    5. Annapolis/DC Mini-state Parliament (ss3-1)
    * * *

    1. Commentary by 1st Secretary James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]

    Everyone, MP Rhett Smith [Green] voted via telephone for the following names:

    For Prime Minister:
    1 Cindy Sheehan
    2 Joy Waymire
    3 Rhett Smith
    4 Tiffany Briscoe

    For Secretary:
    1 Mosheh Thezion
    2 Jill Stein

    He said he’d study the proposed rules
    and possibly vote on them and/or propose
    improved rules.

    ALL 626 elected MPs please feel free to call or
    email either of the two parliament’s secretaries
    if/when you need help to vote for the
    executives and rules! We’re here to
    serve and count the votes exactly!

    Your ranked vote/marked eballot will
    be posted on the following URL
    with the most recent received at the top:

    If you’re not an elected member of parliament (MP)
    in the national 9th USA Parliament, then please contact
    us and get elected onto the subsidiary super-state level
    or onto the national Cabinet.

    We have many Prime Minister and Cabinet positions
    open, and we’re in dire need of your name on any
    or all regions and levels across the USA!

    All national full Cabinet Ministers whose name is current
    at the time of our nominations in February of 2016
    automatically qualify for the “9th USA Parliament
    Election of 2016″ and may self-categorize with any
    party/category of their choice without penalty.

    Be sure to let us know if there are questions, suggestions,
    corrections, ideas, improvements, etc., ASAP!

    We’re laying the foundation for unity in 2012 and beyond, today!
    (415) 686-1996 or
    * * *

    The 9th USA Parliament’s Planks on the Platform Totals

    Check out the link to “Totals” from the four voting
    execs where the “Totals” link is on the bottom of the
    Platform page. The totals show the way that the top 21
    planks were mathematically elected in the order they were ranked:

    Thank you very much for your interest and consideration!

    Very truly yours,
    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary
    Volunteer vote counter
    (415) 686-1996
    * * *

    2. Twelve National Full and Deputy Cabinet Ministers Elected

    Native American Affairs Minister Charlie Hill [Info. Not Avail.] Elected on 8/24/2012
    Deputy Native American Affairs Minister Lisa Sahani [Roseannearchist] Elected on 8/24/2012

    Defense Minister Brian Crowell [Info. Not Avail.] Elected on 8/24/2012
    Deputy Defense Minister Cynthia McKinney [Peace & Freedom] Elected on 8/24/2012

    Homeland Security Minister Thomas Muhammad [Independent] Elected on 8/24/2012
    Deputy Homeland Security Minister Larry Sckwarczynski [Green] Elected on 8/24/2012

    Commerce Minister Jim Cortez [Roseannearchist] Elected on 8/24/2012
    Deputy Commerce Minister Harriet Bookstein [Info. Not Avail.] Elected on 8/24/2012

    Press Secretary Minister David Jouse [Peace & Freedom] Elected on 8/24/2012
    Deputy Press Secretary Minister Angela Field [Roseannearchist] Elected on 8/24/2012

    Attorney General Minister Asa Gordon [DC Statehood] Elected on 8/24/2012
    Deputy Attorney General Minister Carl Person [Libertarian] Elected on 8/24/2012
    * * *

    3. Twenty-one National Platform Planks Elected

    Click above to the Platform tab on the USA Parliament’s site to
    see all 21 planks on the platform and the executives’ votes
    which elected the planks.
    * * *

    4. Iowa Mini-state Parliament (ss8-8)

    MMP David C. Otto [I] Self Appointed on 8/24/2012
    MMP=member of mini-state parliament
    * * *

    5. Annapolis/DC Mini-state Parliament (ss3-1)

    MMP Asa Gordon [DC Statehood] Self Appointed on 8/24/2012
    MMP=member of mini-state parliament
    * * *

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