Two Parties

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  1. Shandralynn Mayberry says:

    It’s not simply because you are a woman that you have my vote. (Like it wasn’t simply because Obama was black that he got it either ;-) However, I think that YOU have the ability to cut through at least SOME of the bureaucratic BS and actually get something done while in office. If ever there was a time when we needed some to pay attention to the PEOPLE who voted for the people in office–it’s NOW! I’m not saying you are a loud-mouth (I believe you have done so many times), but I do believe you voice your opinion, regardless the circumstance, and MAKE YOURSELF HEARD… and that’s what I WANT TO SEE IN A PRESIDENT… Some BALLS.. .and frankly, my dear, I know no one with a pair bigger than yours (metaphorically speaking, of course)!! I am doing my darndest to campaign for you down here in S. Tx— A big supporter–S. Mayberry … Shabbat Shalom :-)

  2. jeff4justice says:

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