Together Lyrics


Martin Luther King
A man who had a dream
Said one day we would live in peace, TOGETHER

Martin’s gone away
No, he’s not here today
But though he’s gone, the dream lives on forever

We can make a difference

In the little things we do
And if we go the distance
We can change the world, me and you

We’ll dream the dream together
‘Cause the dream is worth believing in
Forever……. and

We’ll see the dream come true
Me and you

The torch has just been passed
The time has come at last
For us to make our mark upon eternity

To end forevermore
Poverty and war
So we can live in brotherhood and unity …… and

We can make a difference
We can make the dream come true
Yes — we can go the distance
We can change the world, me and you



Words & Music by Connie Bryson


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    TOGETHER we can end all of the wars.

  2. Jeanne Dinehart says:

    Roseanne, you rocked it at the roast last night and always! I remember first seeing you on Carson years ago – I knew you were amazing right then. And your singing was fine and dandy! Thank you for all you have done and always being one of the most brave people ever.