The Story of Dee Williams

The dire circumstances my family is in now after my husband was injured working 7 days a week for 2 of the Biggest companies in the US & after 16 yrs the thanks he got from Wal Mart Corp. was termination-while on medical leave-reason they gave? he did not call in though no one asked him too & he had Dr’s note plus management approval-even encouragement from mngmt. to take off!) He cannot work due to the injury until he finally gets the surgery he needs and due to not doing surgery sooner he may now never be the same! He is literally wasting away, cannot walk normally,and since the needed surgery has NOT been done going on 6months is now falling & peeing himself at times (he is 36!!!) He was born w/ one arm and still worked his ass off for WM & Home Depot…yes we have a lawyer who said the other day he had over 200 cases when our Dr. pointed out my husband could become immobile permanently if this is not treated NOW..sorry for rant and lots more to story but WTF is happening America and some Americans? We volunteered always, gave to charity out of every paycheck and they weren’t big checks etc. etc. and Now we have had to get food stamps, move, have had no water or electricity at times due to no income (I have MS & got laid off last Sept. still looking for anything and hoping. I am a talented songwriter&had started own business right when this happened so try to “keep up appearances” on social med.-music sites since they don’t want to see our story & employ me if they knew-from what I was told per Nashville)..How I wish I could tell you this ENTIRE story because it is SHOCKING what they (Wal Mart & Home Depot Management & work. comp. Dr & medical benefits personnel & lawyer)are doing and mostly what they ARE NOT– even though they know he could be paralyzed at any turn! Workmens Comp. has not paid us a dime because they just want to argue about which job was more responsible, Can’t get unemployment because you have to be able to look for work & accept it (he has Dr.’s orders not to work obviously), have applied for disability but it takes months of papers & Dr. Appts. before we will get an answer and in the meantime does ANYONE care about him/us? My husband WANTS to work,was always a proud man and did all he could to give us everything he could, was a wonderful role model to our children(married me when he was 20 & I had 3 very small children and he became only Dad to them all & loves it,they are great kids in large part due to him),he worked physical blue collar jobs most 2 armed people find hard, never let his lack of an arm stop him from anything-it’s amazing. and this beautiful man/HUman became so depressed he attempted (almost successful)suicide on May 25th and THAT is not on anti-depressants along with the meds for his back injuries.This was a proud man who supported me & our children for 17 yrs. He hates to ask any services for help..most here don’t have funds but he has had to ask-brings him to tears! Neither of us has extended family to turn too, We sold any real gold jewelery we had-not much, used what was in his small 401k, everything we could before asking for help. He feels like he is a “failure”(his words & certainly NOT true!)but he feels that way when he sees what is happening to his family(myself & kids-we love him so, I’m sorry but i am so hurt, amazed & outraged at what 2 of Americas biggest companies can get away with & how much it kills myself and our children to watch while he is literally wasting away since injury.50pd. weight loss & wasn’t overweight! My girls were taught to believe if you do the right things, be kind, don’t judge by looks,nationality,sexual pref.(one daughter is Bi-sexual),do your best,pay it forward–(when our 17 yr old was turning 10 she wanted people to give to a local animal shelter in lieu of gifts..She’s much like her Dad) etc. We raised them to believe they can be anything they want if they wanted it enough but we have all changed due to what is happening. Trust is gone, hope is fading,I can see my girls wondering why no one is helping their Dad since both companies RAVED for YEARS about what a great employee he was,Wal Mart Dist. Centers even had him in the program to be a manager, they had no plan to fire him but did after injury! NO ONE has any solutions,our family is so changed, I cry every single F’in day(try to in private so he won’t feel bad), my husband has lost-besides the physical losses- pride,hope,faith,on and on. I’m sorry for going on but THIS IS an American story? I am not asking for anything, I just want to help you in any way we can( we have literally no income or i would give to your campaign) I want to help because I believe with all I am that YOU (who raised me via TV while my adoptive folks abused me in EVERY way-Thank You) I believe YOU CAN change this United States of America!..and I know no one in the political arena today gives a damn about any of us personally. No empathy,no understanding,no “wow,a company making billions is doing that to you & threatening your family if you go to the newspaper? Your attorney isn’t hurrying anything because he has food every night & a comfortable place?” Again…WHAT IS WRONG AND HOW IN THE FUCK DO THEY GET AWAY WITH IT? A threat to me, his wife, that i could disappear and no one would ever care about our problem if I went to local news with truth??!!!& From our previous work “family”? HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN IN AMERICA?…YOU could be Americas saving grace, you have the smarts,the truth, the wit, and the ability to change things for us and everyone else out there like us..the forgotten, the threatened, the ones who don’t want to give up on America but are losing everything..literally. As I said at the beginning, I will do ANYTHING you need to help in TN that I can and I mean that and PLEASE don’t think my rant is a plea for anything from you except to keep your word that you won’t lie to America..I believe you won’t.I believe you CAN make a change, & I believe in YOU for President of this country! Please let me do something to help make it happen!! Would also like to take part in walk to DC.

Thanks for having the balls to tell it like it is -he was raised Mormon as a kid & knows how much influence they have i.e.Romney. And a personal Thank You for making my husband laugh with your Comedy Central Roast, he recorded it to watch again and myself & my girls Thank You for giving him some great laughs, it is rare these days.
Dee Williams…It’s an honor to help!
Roseanne 2012!!


  1. Dee Williams says:

    I don’t know why but I somehow thought more people would be as dumbfounded and outraged by our story as we are. i started a blog to keep putting updates, somewhat of a countdown to being homeless at and see it has had 47 views but not one comment. I don’t expect help from strangers but it does surprise me that so little had anything at all to say about it. That 2 companies are letting a man-a good man- become paralyzed, he fell 4 times today when trying to walk in the house, the fact of it astounds me and we’re just trying to survive. I can’t get my MS meds anymore and am not doing as well. What I have found is that it is easier for people to look away then to look at something that could happen to them…that makes me even sadder for this country. It’s a bad time. Thank You so much for those who cared to leave comments. We feel very alone.

    • Dee Williams says:

      Just wanted to let the few people who left comments here That this will be my last update/comment. I have become disillusioned & depressed. it is hard to get out of bed some days due to no solutions for our situation. I was told to put a campaign on a fundraising website to try & raise the money needed for my husbands medical costs & surgery. We have had no success while I see campaigns for people who want to make a movie about a trip somewhere, a 12yo who needs $50,000 to try and pay for voice lessons among other things…they have ALL made thousands of dollars. Just kind of crazy to me. America has become a completely different country then it was meant to be. While i don’t regret any of our prior volunteering or financial help to people, it does surprise me when noone is there for you in a time as serious as this. I don’t know how to keep going on, it just gets harder every day. We have started packing for homelessness. The latest update on my husband: We both had Dr. appt. on the 23rd and our family Dr. is just as frustrated as we are. My husband is now having night sweats to the point of having to change sheet under him 3 times nightly and has uncontrollable jerking movements. This has been going on for about a month now along with the more severe things. Dr. is not sure what is happening but was hesitant to do bloodwork due to it just giving us another unpayable bill. He did take blood from me as it appears my MS is coming out of “remission”. I did pretty good these past now almost 8 months but stress is one of the worst things for MS. Having trouble with it since I could no longer get meds to treat it.
      Won’t write much more but things are not looking up o changing. Wal Mart & Home Depot still infighting and has been over 2 months since WalMart agreed to send him back to their Dr and still no appt. Called lawyer to remind him but he hasn’t called back-left 2 messages. Guess since he took us on and won’t get paid until they figure all of this out he doesn’t care too much either. Our Dr. said we should have looked for a “hungry” lawyer but those cost money upfront. We are stuck. Can’t even leave kids life insurance since it was through the job–believe me some days you think of what would be best for the family. Watching our family go from home & happy to homeless & heartbroken & Dad paralyzed is not good for them. thanks again to Ms. Barr for putting this on her blog & to the few who left comments. i pray noone else experiences something like this. DSW

  2. I am so sorry, Walmart has been known to be difficult with their employees. i understand many doctors are not taking the health insurance Wal-Mart offers to their employees. Of course, a few years ago, Wal Mart was caught taking out life insurance polices on their employee’s without the employ’s knowledge and collecting death benefits.

    :- (

    • Dee Williams says:

      wow..I had not heard about the life insurance…what WON’T they do???!! My husband worked for their distribution center & so the insurance was fine. At least we didn’t have any problem with it…until they took it away with his job. Still fighting for his health and still scheduled to be evicted, maybe we can stay in the hospital parking lot until they do the right thing!:(

  3. Michelle meleleu says:

    I wish there was something I do for this family too but I recently lost my job to one of the largest companies Safeway grocery I too have a family but I’m a single mom I’m feeling ready to give up not being able to find work I hope all the best for this family ! Watch the show Roseanne it makes me feel like I will make it

    • Dee Williams says:

      Thank you Michelle, I hope you find something soon. I am just hoping at 36 my incredible husband does not end up a parapalegic when surgery could prevent it…or worse. The Roseanne show did a lot for me when it was on also for other reasons. Thanks again!

      Imagine-John Lennon

      Imagine living life in peace…..
      You may say I’m a dreamer,
      but I’m not the only one,
      I hope someday you’ll join us and the world could live as one!

      Imagine living life in peace…..Barr/Sheehan2012

  4. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    My heart goes out to Dee and her family. It makes me sick at what wal-mart is doing to the amercan people. Dee keep us posted!

    • Dee Williams says:

      Thank You Chris, I cried when I learned Ms. Barr read my story or really my families story & especially my husband who has always given so much & did his best. At Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6039 for 16yrs. he was always over 100% production for them and more. There is more to the story but I hope people support Roseanne’s campaign and realize if this can happen to my husband, it can happen to anyone especially in what they call a “right to work” state such as TN. What that really means is they have the “right to fire” for any or NO reason. Since Sunday we received an eviction notice and have 30 days. It will force us to lose our belongings that are left as we cannot pay for storage and we will be homeless. I’m still somewhat in shock & very scared for all of us.
      We also learned from a brave Wal Mart Dist. Center employee that a “meeting” was called for supervisors & all managers and were told that if ANYONE asked why “Lefty” (my husbands nickname for obvious reasons:) was terminated to say “it was an attendance issue” !!! Unbelieveable again. I am so amazed at the outright lies they will tell. Attendance problem? Is that why he was given awards, been employee of the month, and put in management mentor program? He worked 13 hour days for them & then also 9 hour days for Home Depot, 7 days a week. We had one vacation in 16 yrs. which is fine as we chose to work. We enjoyed coaching volleyball for kids thru the local parks & rec., Yes my husband with one arm is one of the best players i’ve seen! (told you he is amazing!) I coached high school girls cheering and was knwon as “coach mom” because I have a special place in my heart for abused children and always listen to kids..they(cheerleaders) weren’t abused but i LISTEN to children and in turn they called me “coach mom” & sometimes called late at night for advice etc. , We gave to United Way out of every check but they have nothing they can do for us when it was suggested to ask them. I do not regret for a minute giving back and in fact love that we have been able to raise children who are doing the same. Our daughter in college (thru loans & grants) will graduate next May (on the Dean’s list) and will be a teacher/guidance counselor. She could have been anything with her intelligence but is doing what is in her heart to help the future kids. Isn’t that how we all should be? Barr/Sheehan is our hope for this country. WAKE UP AMERICA, one day-THIS day you will need people who are willing to do the right things. If our country continues treating people-people like my husband who only wanted to support his family & help others (even when i sometimes was in a hurry & didn’t want him to stop for the person with a flat waiting on the road) What is going to happen to all of us? Roseanne has proven she cares & I can personally say SHE HEARD ME & SHE LISTENS. She does not know me but she took the time to read my Email, that says a lot. Can one person tell me Obama, Romney or any others would have done the same? Well, this is getting long but that is the newest update Christopher. Eviction next, my husband is still waiting for the treatment he so badly needs. I Can say our family Dr. is watching him closely but of course he cannot make any other Dr. see us like the neurosurgeons he needs. He does keep sending records to Wal Mart & Workers Comp. showing how badly & quickly he is deteriorating but it gets no response. We have to get his prescriptions filled (I forgo some MS meds since I am doing fairly well and he is suffering more) When they terminated him we lost all insurance, I had fallen down stairs and had a broken foot & ankle that was not healing but cannot afford to go back but I’m okay. Luckily a nurse at our family Dr. has a relative working at a small pharmacy & they have given us his meds at cost but we still have to sell belongings to get them filled since “cost” is still expensive when you have no income. Everything i have said is the truth. I was a bit scared of this going public after being threatened but think I will now have some people who will know who to look at if I “disappear”. I Thank everyone who reads our story and hope you see how easily Corporations like Wal Mart & Home Depot can turn their backs on you (to put it mildly) after you give them all you can every time you work. A little sick irony? We have 2 small grocery stores in our town and then a big Wal Mart Super Center. Of course they are the cheapest of the three and so if we have enough gas and our car is still there & running (not repo’d yet but over 220,000 miles) so if it starts & we have gas we can go to Wal Mart to get food…can you imagine how that feels? Our food stamps would not last if we didn’t go to the cheapest place since the government counted our daughters p/t waitressing job while in college as “household income” so we don’t get the maximum amount…she barely makes enough to clothe herself..anyway as I said before there is so much to the story and I don’t want to sound like I want pity, we just want to be treated fairly & help my husband continue to be able to use his legs. One drags now since injury. I just had to add the irony of us having to walk in the Wal Mart store and give THEM money/food stamps. It’s disgusting. Please help us by helping Roseanne Barr get in office ASAP!!
      Thank You, Dee Williams

      • Christopher Michael Ward says:


        Thanks for the update! i hope things get better, and i say prayers for you and your family.


        • Dee Williams says:

          Thanks Hon, I started a blog at to update anyone on our story as the days go by. Didn’t want to keep writing long things on Ms. Barr’s blog:)
          Peace & Freedom to you!

  5. Roseanne is there anything that can be done to help this family….it breaks my heart. Wish I could help in some way but I am also out of work right now.

    • Dee Williams says:

      Thank you Ms. Hahn for your kind words. There is so much more to the story, it seems everyday we get walked on by these companies. Home Depot has now followed WalMarts lead and terminated my husband while he is on medical leave! We just learned of this so have another fresh wound..and they lied to us, oh how they lie! and noone holds them accountable. I sent the whole update to Ms. Barr and I’m sure she will post it if she sees fit. We have got to get her on the Ballot! Things like this just cannot happen but they do. Thank you fo you kind words again, I hope you find work soon.
      BARR/SHEEHAN 2012!!! Time for people to try something new,like last time but better, much better lol (I ty to maintain a sense of humor when I’m not crying)