Thank You but More Volunteers Needed!!!

Thank you so much for the great response for Volunteers. However we need more in the following states!!

Michigan, Louisiana, Hawaii, Utah,
Rhode Island, South Dakota and Mississippi
Email – Tweet – Facebook all of your friends to Sign Up


  1. jo marie holt says:

    I will be in hilo next month are you in town?

  2. Dee Williams says:

    Don’t write off Tenn. Write-ins are what many want! You have our info, Barr-Sheehan2012

  3. Jamie Stoner says:

    id like to speak with you about getting you some tv airtime…please email me roseanne and we can discuss some options. I am in kailua kona.

  4. Daniel odom says:

    I wana volunteer for your campaign jn Louisiana. My phone num is [redacted] I live in baton rouge. Ty and god bless.
    Sincerely, dAniel aka whitebreadskill

  5. Well, you’d certainly be a much better choice than what’s been made available to us thus far! You rock, Rosie!!!